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Steel bridges, containers, ship hulls as well as energy and industrial plants lend that Coating system "Jenoseel" an effective long-term protection against corrosion. The one-component solution from Kager is suitable for all metallic surfaces and can withstand temperatures of up to 250 ° C. It works in four ways and offers a protection period of up to 30 years. The application is simple and can be optimized by supplementary coating products.

BoehleritBoehlerit has for the first time succeeded in depositing a new "Al Tin" hard material layer as standard on carbide indexable inserts by means of a CVD process. In practice, the cutting performance was Milling of cast materials increased up to 200%. An economical ADI and GGV machining is also expected with "Tera Speed ​​LCK15M". The cutting results are impressive.

rio1rio2The requirements for the resistance of surfaces of painted or powder-coated components are increasing steadily. Therefore, the pre-treatment of the components is becoming increasingly important. As "state of the art", blasting is usually used, but this entails high investment costs in the construction measures for the plant. With the new corrosion protection process "Betona" from Rio, components can be de-rusted, stained and phosphated at the same time. This saves the user work steps, space and costs.

acpSubstrates in the solar and semiconductor industries are becoming increasingly thinner and more fragile. Cleaning and coating of these materials therefore require processes which, like the "Corclean" and "Corcoat" systems of advanced clean production GmbH, ensure extremely gentle handling and processing. It allows a wide range of substrates on substrates from 50 μm to 20 mm thickness wet processes perform inline - both one-sided and simultaneous two-sided.

Arotech The latest evolution of the Atotech Germany GmbH called "Tridur HT" is an innovative and Cr (VI)-free blue passivation for maximum corrosion protection requirements. It is suitable for both rack and barrel for application. Tridur HT achieved a pleasing blue uniform passivation layer deposited on acidic or alkaline zinc coatings. In addition, the company will present a number of other coating processes with high hardness, corrosion resistance and other properties.

heraeusCorrosion protection on large metal parts, clear lacquer on plastic products or colored decoration on stones - the most diverse coatings have to be dried on many different products. Infrared systems help to efficiently realize the required heat steps during drying. Heraeus Noblelight introduces infrared emitters in the Surface Technology practice park and offers the opportunity to interview local application specialists.

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