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schaeffler10513Almost always, the base material used in industries such as automotive, rail vehicles, wind power or aviation is already burdened to the limit. With a properly applied coating, even higher requirements for corrosion and wear protection, friction minimization, electrical insulation or even even sensor technology can be met. No wonder then that Coating for Schaeffler is an important design and product element today.

ceramicpolymer0513technical articles

Ceramic polymer has launched a new solvent-free tank interior coating with exceptionally high levels of protection. Due to the special physical properties of this new development, stainless steel is reliably protected against serious corrosion damage. The new development is absolutely resistant to a variety of chemicals and gases up to a permanent operating temperature of 150 ° C.

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The MTV Metallveredlung deals intensively with the development of their procedures and NiL35 "NICABOR" the bronze alloys, in addition to hard chrome - or a total ban by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) - to provide a corresponding or better alternative. NiL35 is the name and brand of the combination of both the manufacturer and bronze alloy layers "M Protect" which is characterized by a high wear resistance, very good corrosion resistance to sea water, mineral acids and highly corrosive chloride solutions.

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L + R Refrigeration shows that "correct" temperature control is an indispensable component of refrigeration systems for surface and electroplating technology, In addition to reliability, more and more energy efficiency is in the foreground. Because around two thirds of the total life costs of a refrigeration system are energy costs. A package of measures can drastically reduce the energy requirements of the systems. These include the use of electronically variable speed pumps and fans, the demand-based selection of the refrigerant and the sliding condensation pressure control "Vari-Kon", which adjusts the condensation temperature to the outside temperature.

sulzer0113technical articles

Heat treatment processes are currently used to improve the environmentally conscious properties of automotive components. The field of thin film Sulzer Metco offers special procedures. The "A.Ionit OX" process combines conventional methods such as gas nitriding / nitrocarburizing with plasma nitriding and oxidation. Thus treated components offer maximum protection against wear and corrosion with very good dynamic mechanical properties.

cemecon0113Cemecon Coats tools with high-performance multilayers from the "CCDia" series. These diamond coatings have the hardness of natural diamond and cut fiber-reinforced plastics, graphite or MMC clean and reliable for a long time. The patented diamond multilayers combine the advantages of purely crystalline and nanocrystalline layers. Thanks to their special construction, they have crack-stopping properties, which enormously prolongs the life of coated tools.

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