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holzapfel0414Eloxal partial plus (HT-C60) is a development in the context of a ZIM project for partially anodized aluminum workpieces. The aim was to generate a value-stream-optimized and at the same time adhesive and corrosion-protecting anodising surface with integrated equipotential bonding point. Holzapfel Group has succeeded in doing so by means of a special contacting system with special material combinations.
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An improved formulation again increases the corrosion protection effect of Betona-treatment process from Rio. In tests on powder and 2K paint-coated components no rust was found even after 1100 h. Thus, the method is suitable as an alternative not only for blasting but also for cathodic electrocoating.

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Efficient production lines, repeatable series applications and secure traceability are the tasks of laser marking systems. Presented to the AMB Foba a closed marking process that combines product inspection, marking, optical character recognition (OCV) and code reading. The M Series laser marking machines perform demanding marking tasks and mark UDI (Unique Device Identifier) ​​and GS1Data Matrix codes for secure product identification and traceability.
Ebinghaus0214Salt spray tests (ASTM B117, DIN EN ISO 9227) are generally performed as a standardized test for the evaluation of corrosion protection. This gives comparable results for different corrosion protection methods. The Zinc Thermo-Diffusion (ZTD), which Ebbinghaus uses for the corrosion protection of bulk material parts, performs particularly well in these tests.
rheinhausen0214With the modular design Atmospheric plasma system "Plasmabrush PB3" from Rheinhausen Plasma, almost all materials can be directly metallized or coated with powdery materials. Thanks to a new powder switching valve, the powder flow can be switched on and off within 30 ms, whereby a sharp dividing line is achieved.
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The system for the Surface inspection, TrevistaSirius Advanced Cybernetics is based on patented Shape from Shading technology. Here, information about the three-dimensional shape of an object can be obtained from the shading of surfaces. Functionally relevant topographical damage of a component is certainly differentiated from non-critical discolorations such as those caused by lubricants.
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