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Soldering and welding: news for integral joining

yaskawa0819Welding Hall DC, booth 206

Expanded with two very compact, turnkey, robot-based inert gas welding cells Yaskawa the "Arcworld" portfolio. Motoman robots, positioners, controls and power sources are space-saving and ready to use on a single platform. This allows the robot cell to be moved quickly and easily if required.

In addition, it is very easy to install and operate. The two new features now open up these advantages in the smallest of spaces: The Arcworld RS Mini only requires 2,3 m2 footprint, the Arcworld HS Micro even only 1,4 m2. Thus, the compact cells offer a flexible, space-saving and cost-effective option for getting started in automation or as a supplement to manual welding systems.

A manually operated turntable allows parts to be inserted while the workpieces are being processed in the cell. This reduces downtime and increases part throughput.

Both compact cells are supplied complete with platform and housing, robot, welding package and all necessary accessories. Each welding package contains a welding power source, the necessary cables, the wire feed and a welding torch. The robot uses a Motoman AR900. It has a high path accuracy and is completely executed in protection class IP67.

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