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wibu0220Embedded World Hall 4, Stand 320; Hannover Messe Hall 15, Stand B18

technical articles

Wibu-Systems presents the new version of CodeMeter to protect Embedded Software in front. The static library Embedded code meter provides the licensing and cryptography functions of Codemeter via a specific API for embedded operating systems such as Android, Linux Embedded, QNX, VxWorks and Windows. Depending on the architecture of the target system such as x86, ARM, Mips or Power PC, manufacturers receive a specific library with an extremely compact footprint of 400 to 600 KB. This allows you to build your embedded programs with robust encryption mechanisms to protect and monetize their know-how with license-based models.

3dconnexion0419All products from 3D Connexion now supports the beta version of Dassault Systèmes' 3D CAD application Solidworks "Xdesign". In the future, users will be able to construct from anywhere with 3D mouse and Cadmouse.

Leibinger1118Only 20 W power consumes the "JET3up" CIJ printer for industrial product marking of Paul Leibinger, The printer consumes less energy than most light bulbs and is much more economical than many other printing systems. An integrated recycling system reduces solvent consumption by 50%.

coffee0418Hannover Messe Hall 6, as L17

Coffee presents the "in cooperation with the partner company Mark 3D emerged"Metal X "3D metal printer from Markforged. This 3D printer for stainless steel, titanium, tool steel, Inconel and aluminum is based on the new technology "Adam" (Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing).

hololight0318Hannover Messe Hall 6, Stand J18

As effective as Mixed / Augmented Reality technology is, it still holds some untapped potential. Holo Light has set out to explore and exploit this. In addition to its MR / AR software solutions for the industry, the start-up presents for the first time an additional device that enables a more precise handling of the digital world embedded in reality.

3dconnexion03183Dconnexion presents the new Space Mouse Compact, It offers a clear, functional design and supports intuitive, precise and effortless navigation in 3D environments. Its key technical features include the patented six-degree-of-freedom (6DoF) sensor and two individually programmable keys.