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EMC filters reduce noise currents in power converter systems that are generated by parasitic effects and clocking elements of the power converter system. SMP sintered metals has developed EMC filters with high frequency stability. The specially manufactured materials of the new filters are effective for frequencies up to the gigahertz range. The material plays an important role in EMC filters: the aim is to achieve a stable inductance in the entire frequency spectrum in order to maximize the attenuation of the interference.

Compared to standard technologies with materials such as ferrite, electrical sheets and nanocrystalline sheets, the new EMC filters have a noise level that is up to 40 dB [µV] lower and are up to 30% lighter.

Due to the magnetostriction-free materials they produce no noise. Due to the very low losses of the materials, the overall efficiency of the system is improved. Furthermore, fewer filter components are necessary, which reduces the volume and significantly increases the efficiency of the overall power electronic system. The filters can be implemented with single or magnetically coupled chokes, offering a choice for reducing common mode and differential mode noise.

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