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auvesy1218Together with Itaricon has Auvesy an interface between the data management software "Versiondog"And SAP developed. This allows Versiondog to be flexibly adapted to existing equipment structures and automated data exchange is possible.

SAP communication is expediently supplemented by the interface to Versiondog, since the range of SAP increases up to the control of the PLC. The particular benefit can be seen in the automated top-down and bottom-up communication within a company.

The newly created interface reduces errors in the data records by eliminating manual master data entries and also ensures data consistency between Versiondog and SAP. The data exchange between the systems optimizes the maintenance workflow and releases new resources.

The interface makes it possible, for example, to automatically transfer equipment information from SAP to Versiondog or automatically trigger maintenance processes in SAP PM, if Versiondog detects changes to the version data on the PLC.

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