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Parallel kinematic hexapods Position in six degrees of freedom and work much more precise than with serial, so stacked systems is possible. Physik Instrumente now introduces a compact hexapod for industrial automation.

In automation systems, the installation conditions are usually very cramped and a multi-shift operation requires long-lasting solutions. At the same time, the narrowness often increases the risk of collision, for example, when new referencing is required after an emergency stop or power failure, which means that it must be approached uncontrollably. The compact Hexapod H-825 is suitable for such positioning applications.

The parallel kinematic positioning system works with brushless DC motors. They are particularly suitable for high speeds, can be controlled very precisely and ensure high precision. By dispensing with sliding contacts, they are quiet, wear-resistant and achieve a long service life. Absolute encoders, which provide unambiguous position information even when de-energized, make homing unnecessary.

For a compact design, the drives were "folded". With a diameter of 320 mm, the Hexapod is only 195 mm high and can position loads up to 30 kg precisely, quickly and with long operating times. It is suitable for travel ranges up to ± 27,5 mm and rotation ranges up to ± 11,5 °. The smallest increment is 0,3 μm in the direction of the X, Y and Z axes, with a repeat accuracy of ± 0,1 μm or ± 2 μrad.

Typical applications are z. In micro-assembly, biotechnology, semiconductor manufacturing, or optical system alignment.

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