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The "Tork Drive "is a new torque motor the Harmonic Drive AG. It is suitable for maximum dynamics, accuracy and system rigidity. Stator and rotor are supplied as single components without housing and therefore offer an extremely compact possibility for direct integration into the machine design.

The operation corresponds to that of a synchronous servomotor. The rotor is provided with permanent magnets, in the stator is the winding. The key difference lies in the high-pole design of the stator and rotor. Due to the single-pole winding for 400 VAC, the Tork Drive achieves maximum torques at low speeds. He develops extremely low

Running noise and is wear-free. Integrated temperature sensors guarantee full motor protection. In the standard version, the direct drives are intended for external water cooling. As a result, the power density can be increased, the heat input into the machine is minimized and thus increases the machine accuracy.

Depending on the application, the manufacturer also offers complete drive systems including measuring systems, housings, bearings or holding brakes. Typical applications for the Tork Drive direct drives can be found in rotary indexing machines, turntables, machining centers, roller and cylinder drives as well as in infeed and handling axes.

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