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Aerotech presents a new one with the HEX150 RC Hexapod in front. With a diameter of 150 mm, this smaller brother complements the existing product family with a diameter of 500 and 300 mm. In addition to working for Quality Assurance in the Measuring and testing technology it is also particularly suitable for Automotive, electronics, mechanical engineering and Medical Technology.

Aerotech Hexapod with control

The multi-axis, parallel kinematic hexapods can be freely positioned in all directions. With a central travel of 135 mm, the small one Movement artist With its six feet, you can move a payload of up to 10 kg almost completely freely in space. The six degrees of freedom make the multi-axis system flexible for a wide variety of applications.

High-precision hexapod in the submicrometer range

Smallest Hexapod from AerotechThe 150 hexapod offers a high load capacity with large travels and high positioning speeds of 50 mm / s. The high-precision positioning system has extremely stiff drive legs. Brushless, slotless AC servomotors ensure ultimate performance and long life, as well as the highest precision in the submicrometer range.

The AC servo motors are connected directly to the ball screw. This guarantees high drive rigidity. According to the manufacturer, the HEX150 RC is currently the most precise hexapod on the market. Fast settling times allow high throughput with very good repeat accuracy.

Simulation of the hexapod in free space

The complex kinematics of the parallel kinematic hexapod require a control effort that should not be underestimated. The control platform A3200 and the integrated, intuitive simulation software Hexgen Hexapod meet the requirements here. This makes it easy to program and control the hexapods in any user-defined coordinate system. The user can visualize and simulate the available work space in order to carry out collision considerations with his hexapod. In addition, he can also select pre-configured models directly from a stored library with standard designs.

Hexapod from Aerotech with simulation

In order to be able to simulate the entire work process, the AS3200 accesses the open platform via a simulation interface Coppelia Robotics V-REP to. Complete automation processes can be simulated on this platform, and the required robot actuators, linear or rotary tables and tools can be assembled in a 3D environment.

“We also support image processing, clamping and vacuum recording in order to simulate the entire automation process and to minimize the risk of collisions. This noticeably shortens commissioning and integration, ”sums up Norbert Ludwig, managing director Aerotech GmbH in Fürth.

Hexapod family in the video

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