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Here you will find Measurement Technology for mechanics such as measuring acceleration, pressure, torque, speed, hardness, weight, force, mass, vibration or tension for the high quality mechanics in the industry. Strain gaugesPressure gauges, torque wrenches, force transducers, scales or acceleration sensors, for example, warn of overpressure or destruction, ensure tightening torques and prevent production downtime.

Mechanical measurement technology Wika


Mechanical measurement technology is an important area of ​​measurement technology that deals with the acquisition of physical quantities mechanical impact occupied. These physical quantities can range from pressure, force, and motion. Mechanical measurement technology is used in many areas, such as in the construction industry, in the automotive industry, medical technology, food technology or in aviation. 

Brand new measuring technology for mechanical measurands

Good measuring equipment and its good calibration are the basis of the Zero defect production. In this category we report on the latest developments for determining the mechanical measurands - Secure your product quality!

Mechanical measurement technology for special industries

  • In order to help hydrogen (H2) to make a breakthrough as an alternative fuel, we need attractive hydrogen cars and high-performance commercial vehicles that can be refueled in a nationwide filling station infrastructure. The construction of the corresponding hydrogen filling stations requires a lot of measurement technology to ensure safety when filling up with hydrogen. Wika offers the complex instrumentation for this, such as valves, temperature or pressure sensors.  
  • Pepperl+Fuchs IMU F99 series acceleration and inclination sensors have been specially developed for dynamic applications such as those found in wind power or construction machinery. Both inertial measuring systems offer a 360 degree measurement in three axes. Read how an acceleration sensor in a wind turbine and a tilt sensor in an excavator demonstrate their advantages:  
  • The capacitive point level detector Jumo Zelos C01 LS detects the level of liquids and solids. The level sensor can also be used in pressurized pipes and tanks. In industry, it meets the requirements for overflow protection, dry-running protection and media detection. The Zelos C01 LS is suitable for use in liquids and bulk materials at temperatures between -40° and +200 °C.
  • In factory automation, process technology or medical technology, the machines are becoming more and more complex. This also has an effect on the sensors used. The new absolute rotary encoders AV3650M and AH3650M from Siko meet these requirements. They measure positions precisely and reliably in a very compact and robust housing.
  • 16.04.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX | A rotary encoder is often difficult to integrate when used in moving parts or in tight installation spaces. In attachments of mobile work machines or in medical technology, the precise measurement of the position in the smallest possible construction is required.
  • In the operation of wind turbines, the condition monitoring of rotor blades is becoming more and more important in order to guarantee the system safety and to operate it cost-effectively. Weidmüller's Bladecontrol system records the condition of every rotor blade. This allows the risk of expensive repairs to be reduced and the wind turbine to be operated more economically.    
  • Because the global consumption of confectionery is constantly growing, manufacturers of chocolate & co. have to set up their production facilities quickly, flexibly, economically and safely in order to remain competitive. A powerful, state-of-the-art industrial scale and inspection solution from Minebea Intec can help increase efficiency in the confectionery industry.  
  • Modern driver assistance systems use radar technology. There are many systems for adaptive speed control, support for changing lanes, avoiding collisions and recognizing pedestrians and cyclists. All of them pave the way to the self-driving car. Fraunhofer FEP has now developed a radar sensor that can be integrated into the car headlight.  
  • In the area of ​​assistance systems for For example, many automakers rely on lidar technology for self-driving cars. lbeo Automotive Systems has developed the new lidar sensor for this. The Ibeonext has a new type of photon laser measurement technology. It generates a high-resolution 3-D point cloud for the reliable detection of objects.  

Mechanical measurement technology for machines and systems

Aspion presents the newly developed ShockSensor "G-Log 2" for transport monitoring and for use in intralogistics. The event-controlled shock and climate data acquisition, long battery life and versatile communicationpossibilities of the Sensors are specially designed for the requirements in the area of ​​machine and plant export.

Aspion shock sensor


KTR Systems has a Torque measuring shaft which for the first time determines the angle and direction of rotation in addition to torque and speed. The Dataflex series covers a measuring range from 50 to 20.000 Nm. It is based on a measuring principle using strain gauges and is equipped with the latest electronic components. With a sampling rate of 10 kHz, the transducer enables the measurement of dangerous torque peaks in a highly dynamic manner Drives.

KTR torque measuring shaft


The load cell is small, inconspicuous and yet indispensable in many industries: installed in industrial scales, e.g. For example, in numerous areas of industry such as goods receiving and shipping, it ensures that the contents or filling levels of containers, tanks and silos as well as vehicles are precisely determined. Read about the innovations MinebeaMitsumi Daughter Minebea Intec in the field of load cells, weighing electronics, weighing modules and industrial scales for industrial weighing. 

Minebea Intec HMI Surface metal detector


wika0712Wika has now added the intrinsically safe model CPH65I0 pressure calibrator to its portfolio of hand-held measuring devices. With an accuracy of 0,025% of the span and various additional functions, the device is suitable for a wide range of applications, due to the Atex approval also in potentially explosive areas.

In industry, a wide range of pressure sensors are used to regulate the mechanical measurement of pressure and sometimes also temperature. Analogue and increasingly digital, they are suitable for Pneumatics, Hydraulic System or are electric. With IO Link, one qualifies Pressure sensor for Industry 4.0 applications, it is even more flexible in the dual channel principle. Here we present such and other new developments such as the ultra-fast one recently presented by Gefran Pressure transmitter with IO-Link interface, the world's smallest differential pressure sensor and many more.

Gefran pressure sensor pressure transmitter


Men offers a standard without bearings Torque measuring shaft Assortment. Compared to the classic slip ring torque measuring shaft, these torque sensors measure the torque in the drive train without any wear or shunted forces. Even a speed of up to 160.000 min-1 can thus be implemented - without any annoying noises Collar nuts.

Manner torque transducer


Measuring amplifier play a major role in signal processing under increasing digitization and Automation - even more so if they are used in Industry 4.0 production. For example, today are application-related Sensors used without integrated evaluation electronics in the housing and the digital evaluation of the signals is transmitted to intelligent measuring amplifiers. Below you will find New developments around the measuring amplifier. 

GTM measuring amplifier


Was looking to record the speed of his Vpuremix magnetic stirrers Awh for a compact solution for all sizes of the device series. Developed especially for this task Turck Hall Sensorwhich detects the exact speed of the mixing head in the container through the stainless steel wall. Thanks to a double execution Hall probe the magnetic field sensor also detects the direction in which the mixing heads are moving. In this way, AWH increases the safety of its agitator processes with just one type of sensor.

Turck Hall sensor


One of many effects of Corona pandemic are worldwide supply bottlenecks due to increased demand for goods, limited production capacities and local import and export restrictions. Like any other company, food and drug manufacturers face the Covid 19 risk. At the same time, they play an important role in supplying the population. Minebea Intec offers its customers special support as a measure for uninterrupted supply chains

Minebea Intec supply chain service tool


BaumerWith the measuring wheel encoder MA20 from Baumerpositions and speeds can be easily and flexibly determined directly on the conveyor belt. For this purpose, a high-resolution optical incremental rotary encoder was combined with a precise measuring wheel and a spring-loaded mounting arm. Low tape speeds require high resolution. Thanks to the patented "Low Harmonics" technology, the rotary encoder delivers 25.000 pulses per revolution, which enables high measurement accuracy even with slow movements.

Heidenhain0519Bridges, wind turbines, cranes and similar large structures are exposed to particularly high loads. Therefore, their safe operation requires extensive monitoring. For this purpose, Heidenhain and Leine + Linde are introducing a new series of measuring devices: The ESR strain gauges deliver a high-precision, digital measuring signal and are particularly easy to install.

The Speed ​​sensors of the FE series from Rheintacho offer a variety of different signal outputs. They match with IP67 and IP6K9K the highest protection requirements. Two different immersion depths are available as standard with 18,4 and 32 mm. This allows users to select the optimal sensor for the respective installation situation.

Rheintacho speed sensor