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Slip clutch from Orbit Antriebstechniktechnical articles

Powertrain collisions
cause sudden high torque peaks that can damage or even destroy adjacent components. To limit the torques to a defined value, there are either Slip clutch or snapping Overload Clutch to disposal. In the portfolio of Orbit Drive Technology the technical user will find various slip clutches and slip hubs for a wide range of applications and wide torque ranges.

Collisions in the drive train can be triggered, for example, by operating errors or malfunctions in operation. It is all the more important that these suddenly very high torques are decoupled from the components. In addition to the protection against collisions mentioned torque limiterTasks can also be used deliberately as part of the function for web tension control, braking tasks and to protect the people involved. Slip clutches work with friction linings to limit the torque, while disengaging overload clutches use balls.

Slip clutch and slip hub transmit the torque with friction. If the torque preset in the factory or set by the user is exceeded, the clutches or in the slip hubs slip through the respective transmission element such as chain or gear and thus limit the torque to this set value. In general, these torque limiters are also referred to as load-holding safety clutches.

Miniature slip clutch for overload protection up to voltage regulation

Slip clutch for overload protectionThe "Securmax Mini“Is designed as a so-called permanent slip clutch and enables a lifespan of over 30 million cycles in continuous or intermittent operation. The way it works makes it suitable for web tension control, i.e. for maintaining constant tension when winding paper, wire or foil, for torque control, for example in capping machines, or for overload protection for people and equipment.

They are available as a slip hub for combination with a pulley or gear on the output side or as a slip clutch for a shaft-shaft connection. Both versions are available with both pre-set and adjustable torque. To meet the trend towards miniaturization, the program begins with slip clutches with an outer diameter of 19,05 mm and a torque range of less than 1 Nm. The Mini range includes bore diameters from 5 to 32 mm for torques up to 17 Nm.

Sliding hubs for torques up to 23.000 Nm

For higher performance ranges, the "Securmax panties"With adjustable slipping torques up to 23.000 Nm. Disc springs exert a preload force on the friction linings. The height of this spring force and thus the amount of torque can be infinitely adjusted by means of adjusting nut or larger models by means of adjusting screws within the respective adjustment range. The slip hubs can be combined with pulleys, gears or sprockets. In addition, a variant for extra-wide transmission elements in the range is available.

The Securmax Slip series offers combined slip clutches with compensating clutches for an extended torque range up to 8000 Nm for applications with an additional shaft displacement compensation. With this combination, the user can choose between two variants - with a claw coupling or with a particularly compact elastic coupling. The main areas of application for the couplings and slip hubs include transport and conveyor systems, woodworking machines, profiling and woodworking machines, and the automotive sector.

Backlash-free, load-separating overload clutch for servo axes

Overload clutch from Orbit AntriebstechnikEven in modern servo drive concepts with electronics, load-separating safety clutches are often indispensable, as their mechanical separation and decoupling in the drive train is immediate. The backlash-free safety clutch "Securmax servo"Is designed for these dynamic tasks. It protects, for example, working units of machine tools in the event of product collision or snowmobiles and servomotors from impact and end stops.

The torque transmission takes place with them via balls, which are pressed by means of adjusted spring force in subsidence. When the torque is exceeded, these locking bodies move against the spring force from their subsidence and thus ensure the interruption of the torque. To ensure that the torque drops immediately in the event of an overload, the backlash-free overload clutches work with degressive disc springs. Currently the program has been extended to a range of adjustable overload torques from 0,7 to 1200 Nm.

The re-engagement after elimination of the overload situation can be done alternatively latching or synchronous re-latching. In order to additionally enable compensation for shaft misalignments, the product range in 5 sizes offers a number of these backlash-free torque limiters combined with torsionally rigid metal bellows couplings. In vibration-critical applications, versions combined with torsionally elastic and damping elastomer couplings are another option. Fields of application of these backlash-free safety clutches are, for example, printing presses, machine tools, servomotors, handling machines, packaging and filling machines. For robust applications, there are versions with progressive disc springs.

Unlocking slip clutch for fast rotating applications

The release version of the Securmax Servo series is new in the Orbit Drive Technology range. For an immediate torque drop, these backlash-free overload clutches also have a degressive plate spring arrangement. With these isolating versions, the input and output are immediately disconnected in the event of an overload. The stored rotational energy can run out freely, the unlocking safety clutch remains disengaged. The torque transmission starts when the clutch is re-engaged by hand or manually. The isolating safety clutches are suitable for applications with high speeds, depending on the size up to 8000 min-1 and applications with high mass moments of inertia.

Slip clutch for hygienic and economic requirements

In order to ensure the torque limitation, the possibilities of the designs and variants are diverse. For example, versions in Niploy or made of stainless steel enable use under special ambient conditions or in applications with hygienic regulations. Economy versions with a particularly compact ball mechanism offer an alternative for particularly tight installation situations. Miniature slip clutches for additional axial forces and for vertical applications are further examples of possible options.

Picture above: Miniature slip couplings for torque ranges of <1 Nm

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