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micronas closelyOne focus of product development at Micronas represents the extension of its sensor family HAL 36xy for determination of rotational angles and HAL 38xy for the detection of linear motion based on the 3D HAL technology represents now the manufacturer invests in the development of new sensors for families HAL 36xy and HAL 38xy thus expanding its product portfolio in the area of ​​multi-dimensional magnetic-field detection.

In contrast to the common magnetic field measurement, where only magnetic fields are detected, whose field lines extend perpendicular to the chip surface, the sensors detect the families HAL 36xy and HAL 38xy by additional vertical Hall plates, the parallel to the surface component of the magnetic field. The vertical Hall plates offer the advantage that they can be manufactured without additional processing (post-processing) in a standard CMOS process, and that the measured magnetic field, they do not even affected.

The newly developed different sensor types based on 3D HAL technology HAL 36xy and HAL 38xy family firstly sensors include with a digital output, the other variants are various possible combinations of the Hall plates (X-, Y-and Z- level developed).

The sensors HAL HAL 3855 3625 and are currently in the very small SMD package SOIC8 available. Here, too, is planning to expand in the future Micronas their offer.

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