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ecom0919The new product group Digital Products and Services expands the portfolio and complements the Mobile Worker concept in the Pepperl + Fuchs Brand Ecom, Digital Products and Services combine staging, mobile device management and device analytics, among others.

From IT to users in the field: The use of mobile devices in industrial plants is linked to company-wide requirements regarding their configuration, their integration into the corporate network, software and, last but not least, data security. Ideally, their use should be immediate and updates should be just-in-time. With the new product line, Ecom now offers a solution that offers customer-specific automated staging already during device production, mobile device management and device analytics, and can now optionally be used as a fully fledged enterprise mobility management system (eDS Portal) ,

Project and IT managers as well as users of enterprise mobility solutions will receive tablets or smartphones such as the Tab-Ex 02 or the Smart-Ex 02 ex factory with the customer-specific configuration (no backchannel) saved in a container. worldwide directly to various locations and end users for direct deployment. Similarly, all security and WLAN settings as well as pre-definable applications for daily use in industrial plants and hazardous areas of the customer can be pre-installed.

Comprehensive features ensure that mobile devices are always safe. In addition, the current state can be permanently monitored by the company IT with the remote device management functions Device Diagnostics and Device Analytics.

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Further contributions from Pepperl + Fuchs

  • Hannover Messe Hall 17, Stand D34 At the initiative of Trumpf, around 2020 industrial companies, including Pepperl + Fuchs, will be presenting the new "Omlox" location technology standard at the Hannover Messe 60. Using the new standard, various localization technologies can be linked together. Examples are ultra-wideband (UWB), RFID, 5G or GPS. The companies are responding to the increasing use of location solutions in industrial production.
  • Logimat Hall 3, Booth B08 With the level sensor concept “Wilsen.sonic.level” from Pepperl + Fuchs, the level of liquids and bulk goods in containers, tanks or silos can be monitored remotely with the help of the Internet. The IoT sensor has an integrated ultrasonic measurement for measuring fill levels, fill and level. These measured values ​​are recorded at regular intervals and sent to the Internet together with the current geoposition. The autonomously working radio sensor is operated by battery and thus enables measurements in mobile containers.
  • Logimat Hall 3, Booth B08 User report Pepperl + Fuchs has developed a customer-specific 2D lidar sensor for a more flexible transport shuttle based on the specially developed Pulse Range Technology in close partnership with Montratec. This allows a distinction to be made between permanently installed track sections such as tunnels or curves. This was not possible before and not easy either, as this user report shows:
  • SPS Hall 7A, Stand 330 Pepperl + Fuchs is the first company to offer IO-Link Masters with an OPC UA interface, thus enabling the path to seamless, transparent and seamless communication from the lowest field level to the cloud.
  • SPS Hall 7A, Booth 330 The Pepperl + Fuchs brand Ecom presents the new generation of its intrinsically safe 4G / LTE Android smartphone series Smart-Ex. With a large 12,7 cm (5 ") display and powerful features, good ergonomics and an optimized accessory concept, the completely newly developed Smart-Ex 02 is the most advanced explosion-proof smartphone for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1.
  • FMB Hall 20, Stand B22 Pepperl + Fuchs is focusing on the expansion of the IO-Link portfolio: For applications with restricted installation conditions, the IO-Link Master of the ICE1 series will also be available in a housing that is only 30 mm narrow. Advantages such as multi-protocol, M12 power connector and web server functionality are still available to the user.
  • The new Digital Products and Services product line expands the portfolio and complements the mobile worker concept at the Pepperl + Fuchs brand Ecom. The digital products and services combine staging, mobile device management and device analytics.
  • Specialist articles There are different laws in the freezer zones than in environments under normal temperatures. The VB14N-T barcode scanner from Pepperl + Fuchs ensures optical identification at temperatures down to -35 ° C. It offers very good reading performance even with a low contrast of the bar code, can be put into operation quickly thanks to a quick warm-up phase and is energy-efficient and compact.
  • User report Pepperl + Fuchs has sensors in its portfolio for the detection of glue points in the packaging, with which a continuous packaging process can be reliably ensured. The ultrasonic sensors monitor the stack height regardless of color, shape and surface - and that maintenance-free. Teaching in the sensors is super easy.
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