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ace0819At the Michigan Speedway International in the USA, the racing team of the University of Stuttgart recently won the overall ranking at Formula SAE for the fourth time in a row. This year, the committed Swabians also took the Energy Management Award from ACE Shock with in the country.

Awarded for the second time by the parent company of ACE Shock Absorber, 2019 is endowed with 2250 US Dollars and recognizes innovative energy management solutions. This mainly involves the absorption of harmful energy for the respective construction by means of damping or safety technology. The Stuttgart prevailed in this student competition against more than 20 applicants. Second and third place were taken by race teams from Montreal universities in Canada and Michigan.

The Stuttgart racing team is characterized by the consistent implementation of a lightweight construction method in the development of racing cars. The related work was also the key to winning the ACE Energy Management Award. The Stuttgart-based company was one of only a few teams to carry out practical analyzes of the influence of vibrations on the performance and dynamics of their vehicle. In addition, an innovative crash element made of a composite of CFRP and aramid was a central aspect of the safety concept. With the development of a carbon fiber and aramid Impact Attenuator, they have succeeded in developing an absorption structure that weighs less than half of a comparable element on one side and absorbs some of the energy of 9000 J on the other side Reliably protect driver and vehicle.

The Formula SAE is 1981's first international design competition for student teams and their own racing cars.

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More news from ACE shock absorbers

  • ACE shock absorbers were able to quickly solve a current vibration problem with an online tool: In medical technology, a customer uses a spiral conveyor for pre-sorting, arranging, conveying and providing parts. Vibrations occur during operation, which lead to an unpleasant humming sound.
  • Robin Hilke wins the “Innovace” ​​student competition organized by ACE shock absorber GmbH for the third time in 2019. He convinced the jury of the award with a successful concept of a stepless door arrester. Robin Hilke receives 5000 euros in prize money for his work.
  • FMB Hall 20, Booth C34 Cover story The number of online shops and thus the emergence of packages and parcels is increasing. In 2018, there were 330 million deliveries in Germany at Christmas, according to the Federal Association of Parcel and Express Logistics. Sorting systems have to cope with such quantities and especially with peak times. The sorters run at high speeds and must not lose any parcels. The new high-end system from Equinox does this with small shock absorbers from ACE shock absorbers.
  • Motek Hall 5, Stand 5223 User report Good braking is necessary wherever driving is fast. Nowadays, users of linear drives are offered a wide range of components and system solutions: hydraulic damping elements such as small shock absorbers are suitable for more sophisticated solutions, while cheaper products such as structural dampers perform simpler tasks. There are practically suitable solutions for all applications and every budget, which also allow the fastest processes to run smoothly. This is illustrated by two practical examples from ACE Shock Absorber GmbH.
  • At the Michigan Speedway International in the USA, the racing team of the University of Stuttgart recently won the overall ranking at Formula SAE for the fourth time in a row. This year, the committed Swabians also took the Energy Management Award from ACE shock absorbers into the country.
  • ACE shock absorbers are adding viscoelastic shock absorbers to the portfolio for the first time and expanding the range of safety products. These offer long-lasting solutions for a wide variety of emergency stop applications in heavy industry, for example in crane construction and steelworks, in rail traffic, at locks or wind turbines.
  • Smart Automatica Austria Hall DC, Booth 128 User report Whether drinks, clothing, electrical devices, delivery directly to the house is in. This also applies to supermarkets. One of them had RM Customs GbR build a small series of e-trikes to slow down traffic jams and make a contribution to environmental protection. Brake cylinders from ACE Shock Absorber GmbH are installed for more comfort and safe steering.
  • ACE Shock Absorber GmbH, Langenfeld, is once again hosting the "Innovace" student competition in 2019. After interesting solutions from some international student teams in previous years, a design draft with technical proof of the function and feasibility of a door arrester for the stepless positioning and holding function of vehicle doors is now expected.
  • ACE shock absorbers revised their online shop for vibration dampers and launched them live. It brings together all of the company's online products. From more than 4500 products, designers and development engineers can now choose the right solution for them, using the configurators and calculation tools for vibration damping.
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