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Dunker litFormula collection for electric drive technology

Dunkermotoren is the first to publish a collection of formulas for electric drive technology. This was created by specialists for users of electric drives. It helps to understand these in their application and assists in the selection of drive components. The systematic structure of the collection of formulas makes it easier to get started and makes the collection of formulas a valuable tool for trainees, students, career starters and professionals. download

Gressel litCatalog Workpiece clamping technology

With the new complete catalog of clamping technology 2018 - 2020, Gressel presents solutions for all matters relating to the clamping of workpieces for precise metal cutting. In addition to tried-and-tested products, innovations and numerous application photos as well as practical tips and an extra chapter with customized clamping technology solutions are included. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on!

indusol lit3Vortex Report: Industrial Networks

In which state are our industrial networks? This question can only be answered by a metrological analysis and evaluation of the data communication. The Vortex Report 2018 condenses the findings of all Indu-Sol measuring inserts over a whole year across all technologies and countries. Download report / Scroll online

igus litIglidur plain bearing catalog

Lower 40% costs, reduce 80% weight and save 100% lubricants. This is what Igus bearings are made of Tribo polymers in contrast to metallic solutions. All bearings with common dimensions can now be found in the new handy "Iglidur" catalog. With the help of a handy order key, the right article number of standard materials can be easily found. Download or order

indusol lit2Technology brochure Profinet

Profinet is a universal, Ethernet-based communication network that can be used in all areas of automation technology. The brochure "Profinet - Safe into the Future" explains in detail the relationships of the new technology based on the currently applicable standards and guidelines. download brochure / Scroll online

horn book litClamping device catalog 2018 / 2019

Although the new clamping device catalog from Hainbuch is an extensive work, 500 offers high-precision clamping solutions for almost all clamping situations, sectors and machining options that are superior in terms of holding power and accuracy. Customers can look forward to more economy, more productivity, more flexibility and easier and faster work. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on!

indusol lit1Technology brochure Profibus

Profibus has proven itself in industrial practice as a reliable and secure network. The booklet "Profibus - Rediscovering Proven Technology" describes the basic technological context in a compact form, showing which quality values ‚Äč‚Äčare important and how they can be tested. download brochure / Scroll online

Tilt lit7Catalog control panels - standard elements

The Heinrich Kipp factory presents numerous novelties in its product catalog Control elements - standard elements. On 1350 pages it contains an overview of more than 28.000 products incl. 3500 novelties and extensions. Download Catalog

PI0718Catalog for Piezo Motors

The new 160 pages' strong and clearly structured catalog now provides an overview of the wide range of piezobased single- and multi-axis standard positioning solutions with resolutions below one nanometer. Since all technical data, drawings and integration options are listed, the user quickly finds the right solution for his positioning task. All piezo drives are self-locking, do not generate magnetic fields, are not disturbed by them and can be easily integrated mechanically. download

schaeffler6 litSchaeffler Sustainability Report

For Schaeffler, responsible action has always been part of the entrepreneurial self-image. In the sustainability report for the 2017 financial year, the company reports in a transparent and comprehensible manner in accordance with the newly published reporting standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). For the first time, the sustainability report of the Schaeffler Group is also available as an online version that links the sustainability information with graphic and tangible interactive elements. Online version

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