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Tsubaki Germany GmbHDrive train technologypower TransmissionDrive chains, conveyor chains, automobile timing chains systems
ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbHDrive train technologybrakesRotary dampers, brake cylinders, brake oil, Indsutriegasfedern, clamping elements
Mayr GmbH + Co. KGDrive train technologybrakesSafety Brakes, Brakes
NORD GmbH & Co. KGDrive train technologygearGearmotors, helical geared motors, gearmotors, helical-bevel, worm geared motors, industrial gear units, decentralized drive technology, adjusting
Koco Motion GmbHDrive train technologygeargear
Mayr GmbH + Co. KGDrive train technologycouplingsSafety clutches, overload clutches, shaft couplings, electromagnetic clutches
Tsubaki Germany GmbHDrive train technologycouplingsClutches, overload protection systems
Dr. Erich Tretter GmbH + Co.Drive train technologylinear actuatorsBallscrews, ballscrew Compact mother monocarriers
Gimatic Vertrieb GmbHDrive train technologylinear actuatorsLinear units Electric drives
RAMPF Machine SystemsDrive train technologylinear actuatorsMachine made of mineral casting and natural hard stone, ultra-high performance concrete, fiber composites and aluminum foam
Rodriguez GmbHDrive train technologylinear actuatorsBall screws, roller screws
Rollon GmbHDrive train technologylinear actuatorsApplication-specific linear axes
Rollon GmbHDrive train technologylinear actuatorsLinear axes and motion systems
Clarion Events Deutschland GmbH - organizer of trade fairs FMB and FMB SüdDrive train technologyExhibitionAssembly, handling and automation equipment, mechanical power transmission, electrical drive technology, microsystems technology, mechatronics systems
Mayr GmbH + Co. KGDrive train technologyenginesDC drives
NORD GmbH & Co. KGDrive train technologyenginesGearmotors, motors, engines IE1, IE2 engines IE3 engines IE4 motors, asynchronous
Koco Motion GmbHDrive train technologyenginesStepper motors, BLDC motors, DC motors, AC small motors, special developments
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BVDrive train technologyenginesservomotors
PM DM Precision Motors German Minebea GmbHDrive train technologyenginesBLDC motors
PM DM Precision Motors German Minebea GmbHDrive train technologyenginesdrive systems
PM DM Precision Motors German Minebea GmbHDrive train technologyenginesHDD motors
PM DM Precision Motors German Minebea GmbHDrive train technologyenginesFDB motors
Baumer GmbHautomationimage processingvision Technologies
Hans Turck GmbH + Co. KGautomationimage processingimage processing
ifm electronic gmbhautomationimage processingVision sensors, 3D sensors, 3D cameras, lighting
Optris GmbHautomationimage processingInfrared cameras, thermal imagers
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbHautomationimage processingSensors for image processing
Hans Turck GmbH + Co. KGautomationIPCIPC
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BVautomationIPCHMI, operation, visualization
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbHautomationIPCOperating and Monitoring Systems
eks Engel GmbH & Co. KGautomationcommunicationIndustrial Ethernet switches, fiber optic converter, Fiber View technology
Hans Turck GmbH + Co. KGautomationcommunicationcommunication
Harting Technology GroupautomationcommunicationEthernet switches, Profinet
ifm electronic gmbhautomationcommunicationAS-Interface for Controllers / Gateways, Power Supplies / earth fault, I / O modules, AirBoxes for pneumatics, sensors, and actuators for globe valves, network extension, Safety at Work; Fieldbus components; IO-Link components; Identification Systems
Indu-Sol GmbHautomationcommunicationMeasuring and diagnostic tools, software as well as infrastructure components such as switches, repeaters, cables, plugs and much more for fieldbuses and industrial networks as well as solutions for EMC, equipotential bonding, wireless and industrial security
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BVautomationcommunicationRemote I / O, system, industrial modems, networks such as AS-Interface, Can open, CC-Link, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, Ethernet, MEL Selecnet / H, Modbus, Modbus / TCP, Profibus, SSCNET
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbHautomationcommunicationAS-Interface, identification systems
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbHautomationcommunicationFieldbus, remote I / O systems, HART Interface Solutions
Clarion Events Deutschland GmbH - organizer of trade fairs FMB and FMB SüdautomationExhibitionAssembly, handling and automation systems, protection and security technology, EMC, simulation and shielding, control and regulation technology
Igus GmbHautomationroboticsRobot joint kit
Mitsubishi Electric Europe BVautomationroboticsRobot control, precision robots, Scara, articulated robot, robot Melfa
RAMPF Production SystemsautomationroboticsMixing and metering
Gimatic Vertrieb GmbHautomationsensorsmagnetic sensors, inductive sensors, shock sensors
Hans Turck GmbH + Co. KGautomationsensorssensors
Harting Technology GroupautomationsensorsHall effect current sensors
ifm electronic gmbhautomationsensorsPosition sensors, sensors for motion control, process sensors
KA SCHMERSAL GmbH & Co. KGautomationsensorsSafety sensors, proximity switches, encoders
Optris GmbHautomationsensorsTemperature sensors and infrared cameras
Pepperl + Fuchs GmbHautomationsensorsProximity switches, photoelectric sensors, ultrasonic sensors, rotary encoders, positioning systems, inclinometers, accelerometers,
Schaeffler Technologies GmbH & Co. KGautomationsensorsSensor camp

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