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hella1118Hella has introduced the "Smart CAB", a multifunctional cab for self-drivers such as harvesters and sprayers. The cabin was created as part of the CAB Concept Cluster, a collaboration of well-known and well-established OEM suppliers and renowned scientists from the industry.

TCP1018For a tractor manufacturer has Torsion Control Products (TCP) developed a custom coupling. Thanks to their special torsional characteristics, the spring clutches used are particularly suitable for modern diesel engines, which achieve low emissions, have high power density and deliver high torques at low speeds.

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Success Story

SSI shepherd As a general contractor, he relies largely on standardized assemblies in order to optimize procurement processes, streamline internal logistics and reduce assembly and maintenance times. The intralogistics specialist relies on suppliers such as Harting and Igus, not only because both companies take the system thought into account.

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technical articles

With the new E2 ironing chain from Igus There is now also an energy and media management in a single system for tight spaces on support feet. Stable, space-saving and easy to install, the E-Chain carries two hydraulic hoses in addition to power and control cables. The E2 ironing chain saves maintenance in special machine construction and significantly reduces downtimes.

megatron0718The new Multifunction joystick TRY54 from Megatron is not only extremely robust and ergonomic, but with up to 10 million movement cycles also very durable. The easy handling also reduces the risk of operating errors to a minimum. The joystick is particularly suitable for heavy duty and off road applications.

abmgreiffenberger0718For use in electrically operated industrial trucks has ABM The new bevel gearbox type TDB230 / 254 Kombi has been developed. The component can be easily integrated into existing vehicle series as a flexible platform solution. Users benefit from the high torque, the smooth running and the long service life.

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