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TDK Corporation Expands Micronas Portfolio Linear Hall-effect sensors with the programmable HAL 1890. The new entry-level magnetic field sensor has a Sent output.

zorn0219The smaller the workpiece, the more demanding is the dimensional stability, this is especially true for use in the dental laboratory. Solid natural stone gives that Micro machining center Anger "Microone"The necessary stability. Microone offers 5 simultaneous machining and CAM / CAD custom abutments for dental implant technology.

viscotec0119Viscotec has the new one Micro dosage control "Eco-Control EC200 2.0" which will be available on the market in March. In combination with the "Eco-PEN" and "Eco-DUO" dispensers, it ensures maximum precision and reliability in the dosing process.

rohm0119Rohm announces the BM14270MUV-LB, one of the smallest non-contact current sensors in the industry. The new device consumes minimal power and is very compact with 3,5 x 3,5 x 1,0 mm. This makes it suitable for industrial plants and consumer devices that detect operating conditions through the flow of electricity, such as battery-powered drones, solar systems and data center servers.

sensopart1218With the volume of a sugar cube is the Laser distance sensor FT 10-RLA from Sensopart for difficult measuring tasks, for example in semiconductor assembly or robotics. The measured value output is purely digital via IO-Link.

Profichip1218The multi-fieldbus Communication chip "Antaios" Profichip enables the efficient and flexible implementation of high-performance real-time Ethernet communication protocols such as Profinet IRT or TSN / OPC UA.

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