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The drones from the start-up company Zipline are using the CAD software NX from Siemens PLM software designed to deliver life-saving medicines to rural areas much faster and more reliably than before.

Amsys0619Sensor + Test hall 1, 340 Stand

With the new "Barometric Air Pressure "(BAP) Sensor SM1131 introduces Amsys, among others for medical technology, a high-precision absolute pressure sensor in a compact SOIC-8 housing for SMD mounting. The compact OEM sensors for measuring barometric air pressure in the range from 150 to 1800 mbar offer 16 bit signal processing and an accuracy of 1 mbar in the temperature range from 0 to 80 ┬░ C.

ejot10619Success Story

One way to actively participate in the social life of hearing impaired, seriously deaf or even deaf people may be Oticon Medical's cochlear implant technology for those in whom conventional hearing aids provide little or no improvement. The self-driving Screws from Ejot ensure a permanently secure connection.

lpkf10619Success Story

Carag's novel micro-jet device "Debritom +" (image) was developed for medical wound cleansing. It is produced using state-of-the-art methods and promises a particularly tissue-friendly and faster wound cleansing and faster healing. That the device can work that way, it also owes the laser technology of LaserMicronics.

viscotec10519The new pharma dispenser 4VPHD6 from Viscotec expands VPHD series in GMP design. developed for Hygienic applications in the pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology or medical technology convinces the Hygienic Dispenser series in numerous applications. Because the market demanded even smaller dosing quantities, the manufacturer has extended the series with a dispenser for filling small quantities of 0,1 ml or for continuously dosing 0,2 ml / min.

steute0519A common operating system for several medical devices in the OR: This goal is pursued by the association and has now reached a milestone with the standard "Service-oriented Device Connectivity" (SDC). The new Radio foot switch from Steute Meditec are prepared for an SDC interface.

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