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The freezer zones are governed by other laws, such as in environments under normal temperatures. The Bar code scanner VB14N-T from Pepperl + Fuchs ensures optical identification at temperatures up to -35 ┬░ C. It offers a very good reading performance even with low bar code contrast, can be quickly put into operation by a fast warm-up phase and is energy-efficient and compact.

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Ready-made sauces are practical. But also a challenge for the bottlers and their machines in the Food technology, In addition to bottling, mixing the many ingredients in the production process also plays a key role. The possibilities and variations are almost unlimited. Dosed, mixed and bottled in a project of Viscotec various ingredients with different viscosities or lumpy materials.

nsk0619A German vegetable processing plant found that one of its transport facilities had an increased consumption of rolling bearings. After an average of only two weeks, the bearings had to be replaced on a conveyor belt. This resulted in increased maintenance and unexpected downtime. NSK has solved the problem.

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For food processing machines it is important that the lubricants for the components incorporated therein are suitable for human consumption. However, these are very expensive. Tsubaki has an alternative with the "lambda" chain and its bushings with a special lubricant.

Igus0519Media resistance, lubricant and corrosion resistance must be ensured in the machine components food industry fulfill. In order to be able to recognize fractions quickly in the event of damage to an installation Igus now with "Iglidur FC180"And" Igumid FC "developed two new optically and magnetically detectable materials for its plain and spherical bearings. The materials are FDA and EU10 / 2011 compliant.

becker0519Gebr. Becker The range of rotary vane vacuum pumps of the O5 series is being expanded by the compact sizes O5.10, O5.16 and O5.21. These pumps have been specially developed for applications in the food packaging industry. The devices deliver a maximum volume flow from 10 to 23,5 m3 / h.

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