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Food technology for food and beverage production

gemue0219The ever-increasing variety of beverages, liquid foods and pharmaceuticals presents plant operators and plant manufacturers with major challenges. Manufacturers are increasingly relying on individual solutions in their container design in order to set themselves apart from the competition. This also affects the system design. Gem├╝ responds to the increased demands and brings a new one Filling valve platform on the market.

mayr0119Success Story

In European bakeries, the baking lines for the production of baguettes are running around the clock. The machines and all their components must therefore be able to cope with the high demands. That's why a manufacturer relies on the robust and powerful "Roba-DS "shaft couplings from Mayr Antriebstechnik, They withstand the high temperature differences between the oven and the cooling or freezing streets easily and maintenance-free.

tsubaki1118Brewery hall 7A, booth 330

Tsubaki presents a special roller chain to meet the needs of the brewery and beverage industry: Based on the maintenance-free "lambda" chain, the "Traypacker "chain via oil-soaked sintered bushes, which ensure lifelong lubrication. This reduces maintenance and meets the hygienic standards of tray packaging machines in the food and beverage industry.

schmersal1118SPS IPC Drives Hall 9, 460 Stand

The Schmersal group has a new series of Safety light curtains and light grids specially developed for use in hygiene-sensitive areas, such as in the food industry, pharmacy or meat and milk processing.

tsubaki1018Tsubaki has developed a number of special drive chains for the food industry, including the Neptune and Lambda series. The Neptune chain is surface treated and therefore very resistant to corrosion. This makes it ideal for damp and chemical environments.

danfoss0918Brau hall 7, booth 429

In addition to the VLT "Flexconcept" for beverage transport and process engineering based on central and distributed frequency converters, as well as gear motors with permanent magnet motors, Danfoss shows the VLT "Flexmotion" system extended product range for filling and packaging.

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