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wago1019FMB Hall 20, Stand B23

The 221 "Compact" connection terminal from Wago is in the classic electrical installation in buildings for a fast, easy and secure wiring. The advantages of this clamp with lever are now increasingly finding product managers, designers and developers at device manufacturers - from the component manufacturing to equipment production and the device connection to the final product.

basf0919K Hall 5, Stand C21 / D21

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BASF shows its novel, super-slim high-performance insulating materials "Slentite"(Left) and" Slentex ". The new generation of energy-efficient airgel-based thermal insulation materials with their material properties are suitable for slender concrete facades of residential buildings and as high-performance insulation in the automotive sector.

gimatic10819K Hall 10, Stand E55
Motek Hall 3, 3221 Stand

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What if, when building your own home, you were able to create custom concrete parts that exactly fit your needs and, in the end, reduce CO2? How to do that, knows the start-up Print Stones: With his mobile 3D printer, individual concrete parts can be created on site at the construction site. The necessary flexibility is provided by a familiar way from industrial automation Tool changing system from Gimatic.

phoenix0719For the first time, Phoenix Contact offers a complete solution for wired or wireless IP video surveillance building automation in the industrial environment. This includes a comprehensive product portfolio of connection and automation technology, which is used between the camera and the video server.

Dialux0619Dial and Relux plan to jointly develop a new, open data format for luminaires and sensors that can be used, for example, in the company's two lighting planning programs.

sontec0519With the new STB sensor from Sontec Heat generators such as boilers, combined heat and power plants, steam generators, compressors, industrial plants and kitchen appliances such as ovens, deep fryers etc. can be protected against overheating. The STB switches off the device safely if the temperature is exceeded.

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