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FTCAP0417Low-inductance design, low space requirement for mounting on printed circuit boards and high current carrying capacity: The film capacitors of the "Joule Cap" series from FTCAP are suitable for use in z. As flash units, inverters of wind turbines and the aviation and defense technology. The efficient film capacitors are also interesting as energy storage devices for applications with high currents.

The capacities of the Joule Cap range from 2,5 to 50 μF as standard, the voltage range lies between 500 and 1500 V DC. Customer specific values ​​are also possible. The particularly low inductance of the film capacitors is achieved by a horizontal winding of the capacitors. For easy mounting on printed circuit boards, the film capacitors are produced in three different heights of 38, 55 and 84 mm, each with the same footprint.

Thanks to their special design, the film capacitors can be used even in environments with extreme temperatures or temperature fluctuations from -45 ° to + 85 ° C. Thanks to a self-healing polypropylene dielectric, Joule Cap capacitors do not suffer from internal short circuits caused by overheating.
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