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dassault10619Success Story

Das betriebsinterne Innovationslabor LCI von Renault nutzt die „3D Experience“-Plattform zur Modellierung einer zukunftsweisenden Mobilitätslösung für urbane Räume Damit nutzt der Automobilist die 3D Software von Dassault Systèmes, um seine Innovationsprozesse in die Cloud zu transformieren. Mit dem Renault „EZ-Flex“ stellt das LCI ein elektrisches Versuchsfahrzeug vor, das für die „letzte Meile“ im Warenverkehr der intelligenten urbanen Räume der Zukunft konzipiert ist.

mitsubishi10619technical articles

The mobility industry is moving rapidly towards the so-called era of "smart mobility", which in principle will also mean networked and sometimes even completely autonomous driving. Mitsubishi Electric develops multi-layer cyber defense technology for connected cars in the age of dynamically developing smart mobility.

chassis brakes0619Chassis Brakes International has developed a new family of high performance electric parking brakes (Boost EPBs) specifically for vehicles with electric brake boosters.

caemax0619Sensor + Test hall 1, 310 Stand

CAEMAX has developed a system for non-contact power measurement on vehicles, which does not need any additional sensors to detect the angle of rotation. The detection of rotation angle and torque is completely integrated into the robust, watertight housing. Thus, the system is suitable for mobile use.

parker0519technical articles

Electric vehicles with their high-voltage systems and their power electronics pose particular challenges for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers in the areas of sealing, shielding of electrical interference signals and thermal management. The Engineered Materials Group of Parker Hannifin Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio for this.

skeleton0519Skeleton Technologies is a leader in a study of ultracapacitors commissioned by the Office of Naval Research, surpassing Tesla subsidiary Maxwell Technologies. Skeletons Skelcaps outperforms their competitors by using the patented "Curved Graphene" technology, which surpasses energy density and lifetime comparisons, as evidenced by the study of Dr. David Wetz and his team at the University of Texas at Arlington.

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