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microcontrol2118Success Story

SPS IPC Drives Hall 5, 406 Stand

With the new "DQ-Road" measuring system from Dqdt, fuel consumption in production vehicles can be determined under real road conditions - regardless of vehicle type. The CAN bus technology from Microcontrol ensures secure data processing.


Electronica Hall B3, Booth 419

MS-Schramberg presents tailor-made sensor applications with sintered and plastic-bonded magnet materials. Exhibits in the automotive sector include a system for detecting the angular position of a throttle valve, which is exposed to temperatures of up to 160 degrees Celsius in the engine compartment.

XEV will be working with Polymaker 2019 in Europe and Asia Electric car LSEV bring to the market, a smart-like, wheeled pedestal from the 3D printer.

skf1018IZB 5 Hall, Booth 5301

SKF introduces a new, compact rotor position bearing. The latest generation is suitable for all belt-driven starter-generator applications - both in the established 12 V range and in the upcoming 48 V on-board networks.

rampf0918Bond Expo Hall 6 stand 6404

technical articles

Rampf Production Systems has developed a fully automated adhesive system for automotive exterior parts such as side panels, rear spoilers, tailgates and spoiler lips. The combination of innovative mixing and dosing technology, automation and robotics maximizes the precision, speed and flexibility of manufacturing processes.

weiss0818Fakuma Hall A5, Booth 5212

As a specialist in the processing of high-quality engineering plastics manufactures White plastic processing on behalf of customers from the automotive industry numerous components close to the engine, which are subject to high thermal and mechanical stress. Among the most commonly produced components are chain tensioners for the timing chains of internal combustion engines.

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