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www clipart crate de computer 077This video series will show you the way to the perfect press release for the trade press. Most mistakes made when creating press releases will add extra work to the editor. Avoiding them will increase your chances enormously that your submission gets attention. Here you get first-hand valuable insider knowledge about what editors from the press departments want.

A perfect press release makes it a lot easier to be published. If it arrives in the editorial office, the editor knows immediately what it is about, it fits the subject of the editorial office, contains all the important information and hardly needs to be edited - in other words, it does as little work as possible. This video series should show you how you can achieve this.

The following tutorials cover the most important topics:

  • introduction video
  • 10 worst mistakes
  • 10 best tips

Planned from January 2020:

  • product Reviews
  • Company Announcement
  • technical articles
  • Success Story
  • projects
  • Online media
  • Distributor
  • sending out
  • Reporting

Tutorial for creating a press release