Every disinfection, cleaning and comparable application requires an individual UV treatment. Excelita's Noblelight adjusts the radiation spectrum, the UV output, the light tube temperature, light length and lamp geometry of its UV disinfection lamps and others UV Lamps and spotlights individually to the respective operating conditions.

Noblelight UV disinfection lamp



The ideal coordination of UV lamps or UV LED lamps and the associated ballast ensures a optimal overall system. In addition to an extensive portfolio of UV lamps, UV systems, UV LED lamps and UV disinfection lamps, the UV specialist also offers extensive know-how to design them.

UV disinfection lamp for purifying water and air

Excelitas Noblelight UV lampsMay 15.05.2024, XNUMX | On the Ifat Excelitas Technologies introduces a new series of out-of-arc lamps for efficient and resource-saving disinfection of water and air. The Noblelight NNILight UV disinfection lamp offers a significantly increased power density.

1500 W variant NNI1500Light achieves a uniquely high UV output. This means that significantly fewer UV lamps are required. This minimizes maintenance and repair effort as well as lifetime costs. NNILight-UV lamps with 800 W or 1000 W complement the portfolio of low-pressure and medium-pressure lamps as well as application-specific air disinfection systems.

Applications for lamps with UV C radiation

The systems for water disinfection are used in a wide variety of ways: from wastewater treatment and drinking water treatment to process water treatment and agriculture. The solutions with UV radiation are also used in industrial ventilation systems, such as for air purification, minimizing pollutants or eliminating odors. The experts at Excelitas Noblelight are happy to advise on individual applications and the optimal implementation of UV treatment in the systems.

Frequently asked questions

Can you disinfect with UV light?

Ja, UV light can be used for disinfection. UV-C radiation, with a wavelength of 200 to 280 nm, is particularly effective because it destroys the DNA of microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying. This method is used in hospitals, laboratories and water treatment plants to eliminate viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. UV disinfection is chemical-free and leaves no residue. However, it requires safety measures as UV-C light can also be harmful to humans.

What is a UV lamp good for?

UV-C lamps are being used Disinfection and Sterilization used. As UV-C disinfection systems, they use UV-C radiation to kill viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. Applications can be found in Hospitals, laboratories, water treatment plants and the Food industry. UV-C lights are also useful for curing materials, for example in the printing and adhesives industries.

Infrared heater for efficient heat processes in industry

Can you see bacteria with UV light?

With UV light you can kill bacteria not directly see. However, UV light is used to visualize certain bacteria by exciting fluorescent dyes that are absorbed by the bacteria. This technique is used in the Microscopy used to make bacteria visible under a UV light microscope.

What is UV-C LED?

UV-C LEDs are Light-emitting diodes that generate UV-C light in the wavelength range from 200 to 280 nm. This light is effective for disinfection because it destroys the DNA of microorganisms and prevents them from multiplying. UV-C LEDs are energy-efficient, long-lasting and are used in air and water purification as well as surface disinfection.

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