Seals are small but indispensable Machine Elements, which are used to seal components against liquids and gases. Their development enables efficient and durable connections in numerous applications. The article highlights current innovations on the market and shows a wide range of possible applications for the poetry.

Trelleborg Seal Hydrogen



High-performance sealing materials for the hydrogen industry

08.07.2024 | Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has an innovative H2Pro product family (pictured above) in its portfolio for the hydrogen industry. These sealing materials are specifically designed to meet the requirements of the entire hydrogen value chain and offer solutions for transport, storage and end applications.

The seals have been developed for the demanding operating conditions of the industry and have been intensively tested. The H2Pro materials withstand high pressures, low temperatures and permeation.

Konrad Saur, Vice President Innovation & Technology, explained at Hyvolution in Paris earlier this year that the complex testing regulations for hydrogen are often not known. Trelleborg has therefore developed a specific test system that meets the special requirements of hydrogen applications. This test system is based on extensive expertise in the requirements for hydrogen seals.

Trelleborg will further expand its expertise in the energy sector by opening a specialized hydrogen research and development center in Indiana, USA.

The H2Pro portfolio includes

  • Turcon PTFE- and thermoplastic compounds for Varilip rotary seals and Variseal rotary and rod seals
  • V-Stack-Seals for static and dynamic applications with cryogenically compressed hydrogen and liquid hydrogen (LH2)
  • FK extension-Seals
  • EPDMand silicone compounds for lower pressure applications
  • Metal seals for static LH2 applications
  • Wear-resistant Composite bearings and piston rings for compressors

CO2 Gasket footprint down to the gram

07.02.2023 | As a manufacturer of low-friction seals Freudenberg Sealing Technologies is committed to Climate protection To this end, the company has developed a method to determine the CO2 footprint from the manufacture of seals and other components.

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Sealing strip platform with the world's largest choice of materials

27.05.2020 | Sealing strips are also used everywhere in industry, be it in mechanical engineering, in Electrical Engineering or food technology for example. Resogoo is now presenting a new platform for sealing strips. With 2000 materials, users will find the largest selection in the world. On this platform, seals can be individually configured in a matter of minutes. Of course, there is also a large selection of standard strips.

“The search for suitable sealing solutions has come to an end: Our Resogoo strip platform bundles an overwhelming selection of materials with the know-how of a world-leading sealing specialist. This means that no requirement or user request remains unfulfilled, ”explains Jurgen Zimehl, Managing Director of Resogoo. "Strips and sealing tapes can be configured and requested here in every conceivable size and design."

Sandwich sealing strips in a material mix

You can choose from cellular rubber strips, foam rubber strips and rubber strips as well as sealing tapes, strips made of fiber materials from Klinger, Frenzelit and Reinz. There are sealing strips made of elastomers and plastics, CR, EPDM, FKM, FKM foam, fluorosilicone, NBR, PE, PUR and microcellular PU foam, PTFE, silicone, silicone foam, TPE. Conductive and insulating Materials and thermally conductive silicones complete the range. Also Sandwich sealing strips The portfolio consists of several materials that are glued together.

The sealing strips can be further customized on request. Foiling, self-adhesive design, printing with signal colors, patterns, company logos or other markings and labels are all possible.

High temperature seal for fire protection of engines

26.05.2020 | The high-temperature seal Ultra High Temp Seal from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a particularly heat-resistant seal made of silicone rubber. She was made for use in Jet Engine designed. The higher temperature range of the material enables the development of more efficient engines with reduced fuel consumption than that previously feasible.

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The static seal for systems and their actual age

27.01.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX | A static seal for large systems in industry or energy technology often has to last a good twenty years. Calculation tools used to date often meant that the components were larger than necessary. Freudenberg Sealing Technologies has now developed a method that detects material changes at the molecular level considered. 

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Customized in-situ sealing systems for the automotive industry

Rampf insitu06.08.2019 | The developer and manufacturer of tailor-made plastics based on polyurethane, epoxy and silicone Rampf polymer Solutions presents its powerful portfolio in-situ-Seals für den Automobil- und Fahrzeugbau. Diese finden Verwendung unter anderem in Bremslichtern, Scheinwerfern oder Lüftungsgittern.

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Static, self-locking sealing solution with a novel assembly process

17.04.2019 | The Engineered Materials Group of Parker Hannifin Corporation presents "Roll2Seal", a completely new sealing solution for the simple and safe sealing of bores in pressureless applications. The patent-pending design enables simple and error-free installation, with the seal rolling into the seal seat without damage and without an insertion bevel.

If components have already been provided with holes for later assembly of further components, but these are to be securely closed permanently or temporarily – e.g. during transport – the designer is often faced with a problem: The hole is to be closed with a cover, but the surrounding space is not sufficient for a classic flange seal is not sufficient. If there is no insertion bevel of 15 to 20°, a radial seal is doomed to failure, as the seal would not survive the assembly attempt unscathed, even with a chamfered or rounded hole edge: Part of the seal would be sheared off.

Rolling instead of sliding

Following the principle of “rolling instead of sliding”, Parker Prädifa has developed this Problem nun cleverly solved: Thanks to its geometry, the static Roll2Seal seal requires no lead-in chamfer, no deburring, is self-locking and offers both temporary and permanent protection against dirt and moisture.

Both the one-time and the multiple assembly and disassembly of the Roll2Seal are extremely simple and can be carried out without damage thanks to the seal's immunity to unbroken edges: Instead of clamping the seal at the edge, which could damage it, you simply let it roll over the critical point without damaging it. This is made possible by the innovative triangular geometry in conjunction with the special contour of the seal seat on the cover, which, due to the reversing press-in force curve, can be pushed up to an audible stop towards the end of the assembly process.
is pulled into the hole. With the help of finite element simulation, the geometry can be adapted to the respective bore diameter.

The space and cost savingThe seal is made from suitable materials according to the thermal and mechanical requirements. The sealing system, consisting of a plastic or metal cover and seal, can be supplied pre-assembled on request.


Robust PU seals for 3D applications

10.10.2018 | The new FIP CC technology (Formed-In-Place Closed-Cell) from Sonderhoff bringt die hohe Wasserdichtigkeit der Silikon-Welt und die attraktiven Materialkosten der Polyurethane-Welt zusammen. Die Schaumdichtungen „Fermapor CC“ auf PUR-Basis sind Raumtemperatur vernetzende 2-K-Systeme, die mit dem FIP CC-Aufschäumverfahren eine sehr feinzellige überwiegend geschlossenzellige Weichschaumdichtung bilden.

They have very low water absorption and harden without oven or moisture. Unlike comparable mixed cell seals, the CC foam seal less compression with the same sealing performance. A robust, abrasion-resistant surface of the CC foam seal can withstand possible mechanical stresses in parts handling. Even if the surface is damaged, the water absorption changes only slightly.

Plastic welding | New products, processes, accessories

The CC seal made of PU is very weatherproof and remains sealed even in ice water. The FIP CC application process with the new DM 402 CC dosing system follows the well-known FIPFG process, which is the production standard in many industries. What is new is that the CC foam is applied to the component in almost its full sealing dimension during dosing thanks to physical foaming. This allows the user to check immediately after the seal has been applied whether the seal has been applied at a consistent height over the entire component contour. Fermapor CC is therefore particularly suitable for 3D applications and process-related quality control.

O-ring design online for material, size and application

26.07.2018 | Parker Hannifin offers users the O-ring selector a web-based construction tool for O-ring design. It allows you to quickly and precisely select the right O-rings in terms of dimensions and sealing material, tailored to the respective operating conditions.

The close combination of material selection and calculation of the dimensions delivers reliable results and thus ensures the function of the O-rings in later use. Be covered imperial and metric standards.

The O-ring calculation combines a variety of sealing materials with a calculation platform for O-ring seals. MaterialThe values ​​for operating temperatures, media to be sealed, polymer family, seal hardness as well as required approvals and conformities of the sealing material are taken into account when selecting the seal.

The data set is then fed into the calculation program for the O-rings according to the material characterized. The selector offers the user extensive options for Parameterization of the sealing system: such as thermal expansion coefficients of the seal and the hardware components, volume swelling of the seal and manufacturing tolerances for the hardware components.

Non-contact seal for absolutely smooth operation

15.10.2013 The new maintenance-free labyrinth seals from GMN Paul Müller guarantee absolutely friction-free operation due to their contactless design of the inner and outer ring. The wear-free seals therefore have a variety of advantages for a wide range of applications and purposes.

The new “CF” series with a 5-level labyrinth consists of a sequence of axial and radial gaps. The return effect of the radial gaps when the shaft is rotating is optimally combined with the lubricating effect of the axial gaps.

It offers maximum efficiency with minimal installation space. With a width of only 6 mm, the newly developed CF profile achieves absolute tightness even against extreme splash impact - even when stationary. No abrasion, no contamination, no lubrication, no hardening and grinding effort and no frictional heat are further features of the seal. Its axial play is 1 mm, the radial play 0,5 mm.

Quellenangabe: Dieser Beitrag basiert auf Informationen folgender Unternehmen: Freudenberg, GMN, Parker, Rampf, Resoogo, Sonderhoff, Trelleborg.

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