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Ensure overvoltage protection, dielectric strength or EMC and monitor networks with analysis and diagnostics

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Here you will find Measurement Technology for electrics, electronics such as for current, voltage, resistance or frequency measurement etc. for the high quality Electrical Engineering in the industry. Analysis and diagnostics ensure, for example, surge protection, dielectric strength, electromagnetic compatibility EMC. In addition, networks must be monitored so that the data communication is stable. Because data is the alpha and omega of Industry 4.0 and measuring equipment is the basis of Quality control

Brand new measuring technology for electrical measurands

In this category we report on the latest developments for the investigation electrical measurements - Secure your product quality!

Risky tests on lithium ion batteries

Weiss Technik Risky battery testsThe beta test phase for a new test chamber is currently underway White technique: The “Extreme Event” is the first to have tertiary explosion protection, which limits the effects of explosive fires during destructive tests on lithium-ion batteries to a safe level. At Stress testing, the so-called destructive tests, the developers deliberately bring about extreme situations.



Knick Memosen's transmitter

For the Process technology Precise measuring systems are required to determine a wide variety of process values ​​such as oxygen content, conductivity, pH value or redox potential of the medium. Kink offers a suitable solution based on many years of expertise in process measurement technology, even for complex requirements. We present here the Transmitter New hits:

Knick Memosen's transmitter


Harting0519A measuring adapter with the "IX Industrial Ethernet" interface available to match the Fluke "DSX Cableanalyzer" product family: Harting, Hirose and Fluke announce this. This means that, for the first time, cabling with the robust Ethernet interface can be tested in accordance with the standard for extreme environmental conditions in accordance with IEC 61076-3-124.

micronas0619The new “CUR 423x” current sensors are the first products based on TDK's TMR technology, sold under the Micronas brand and bearing the “Cursens” logo. The sensors were developed for current measurements in automotive and industrial applications.

softing0314Softing presents new versions of the Profinet diagnosis solution "TH Scope" and "TH Link". The new network topology functionalities and extended reference measurements simplify the acceptance and permanent monitoring of Ethernet-based networks, especially Profinet, even more efficiently. The new version 1.5. the Profinet diagnostics software TH Scope offers maintenance engineers and system builders flexibly customizable topology views of the network.

Isabellenhuette0512With shunt current measurement, Isabellenhütte Heusler advances into the high-current range of industrial applications. The measurement of currents up to 30.000 A with low-resistance shunts can be described as one-time. And a magnitude of 100.000 A is also targeted. Isabellenhütte developed a 1 µOhm shunt for a customer from the drive sector, which can measure 30.000 A continuously on a converter for high-performance drives.