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Displacement sensor, distance sensor, position sensor, draw-wire sensor, 3D measurement technology for quality assurance in production

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Dimension: News about measuring for dimensional measurements

Here you will find Measurement Technology for the Size such as length, distance, position, distance, area, angle, contour etc. for the precise Mechanical engineering. Regardless of whether it is measured with a displacement sensor, distance sensor, cable pull sensor, 3D measurement technology or any other measuring device, measuring equipment is the foundation of Quality control. In the course of Industry 4.0, they too are becoming increasingly intelligent and the measured data more and more valuable.

Brand new measurement technology for dimensional measurements

In this category we report on the latest developments for the investigation dimensional measurements - Secure your product quality!

Baumer, Optris, Micro-Epsilon and others present

Cross tableSteinmeyer Mechatronics has with that Cross table KT470 his Measuring table KT310 put a big brother aside. With its large traverse paths of 300 x 300 mm, a repeat accuracy of ± 0,5 µm and an accuracy of ± 3,6 µm, the KT470 is primarily suitable for use in the Measurement Technology or for surface inspection. The new XY system meets the highest precision requirements.

heidenhain20812In order to exclude mechanical sources of error in a ball screw in precision mechanical engineering, machines with Linear motoren used. This also places high demands on the measurement technology. To this end, Heidenhain has redesigned the encapsulated incremental length measuring devices of the LF series, which have been on the market for many years, specifically to meet the highest demands and achieved a significant improvement in the process.

The Ultrasonic sensor takes millimeter-precise measurements of the distance from objects or the fill levels of media such as liquids. It uses ultrasonic waves as a displacement sensor. When measuring the distance, the principle of the transit time measurement often comes from high-frequency sound pulses for use. Objects can be metallic, non-metallic, transparent, powdery or liquid. Below we present them New before:

PIL ultrasonic sensor


The Precision hard turning counts in myonic in the machine tool warehouse business area on the most important production steps. The turning takes place directly to the final dimension with single-digit μ-tolerances. A Probe of Blum Novotest now measures important workpiece dimensions directly in the machine clamping. This increases the accuracy of the measurements, improves the manufacturing process and shortens the lead time.

Blum probe


Baumer offers various designs of laser distance sensors for distance measurement, distance measurement and position measurement of a wide variety of objects. The portfolio is divided into standard, performance and high performance Laser distance sensor. In the following we present the new developments, including a miniaturized sensor with IO-Link and a sensor for objects with difficult Surfaces.

Baumer distance sensor


CreaformCreaform presents the "Metrascan" 3D scanner. With the measurement-armless portable 3D scanner and the dual3D camera-Sensor "C-Track 780" exact measurements can be carried out in the laboratory and production area. In combination with the also armless and portable "Handy Probe", this comprehensive and powerful test system improves the reliability, speed and versatility of measurement processes.

GOM0818With the “Atos Compact Scan”, GOM enables manufacturing companies to make a low-cost entry into mobile 3D-Measuring technology. Thanks to the scalable measuring field and integrated scanning and tracking functionality, the optical scanner adapts ideally to the challenges of the respective measuring task. It is easy to use and flexible to use.

The magnetic field sensor is mainly used in pneumatic cylinders for non-contact measurement of the piston position. For use in welding or hazardous areas and for analog queries Turck individual magnetic field sensors. The magnetic proximity sensors allow thanks to EMC resistance and in protection class IP67 high system availability. Below we present the innovations:

Turck magnetic field sensor position sensor


siko0315In many areas of industry or mechanical engineering there are measuring tasks draw-wire encoder for distance or path measurement, which are not connected to controls but want to have the measured value displayed. Be it in conveyor technology, packaging, paper or textile industry: in all areas there is the task of checking distances with millimeter precision.

What do a 12 meter long boat deck and a carriage drawn by Thestrals have in Fantastic Beasts 2 or Murder on the Orient Express? position sensors of Siko to do? Even if these objects are more exciting than sensors for position detection, the draw-wire encoder for being in Marvel Studios and Warner Brothers blockbusters the special effects even more accurate and authentic. Read exactly how to do this:

Siko position sensors



In the last few years, the need for sensors for capturing geometrical quantities has risen sharply in all areas of industrial applications. The optimal solution for every need requires an adapted sensor that can be selected according to the criteria of measuring range, resolution, accuracy, design and environmental conditions. AB Jödden has a suitable solution for all applications - from inductive to capacitive, in miniature and ATEX versions.

micro-epsilon0214As the heart of a machine tool, the spindle determines the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the workpiece to be machined. High speeds and heat generation lead to axial expansion of the tool spindle and the resulting positional errors when machining the workpiece. The new miniature eddy current sensor 'Eddy NCDT SGS 4701' from Micro-Epsilon detects the thermal and centrifugal force-related expansion of high-frequency spindles by measuring on the labyrinth ring.