Those responsible for the areas of quality management, quality assurance or quality planning become the universally applicable measurement and testing software of RTE acoustics treasure. The intelligent CAQ system "SonicTC" helps in automation with the digitization of quality processes in the production process. With new standards, goals such as reducing costs and increasing efficiency can be achieved more quickly.

RTE Software Quality Assurance



The world of CAQ software is constantly changing, developments are becoming increasingly intelligent. This also applies to the area of Measurement Technology and testing software. It should be user-friendly, flexible and intelligent in order to support the increasing complexity in the manufacturing processes.

Manufacturers focus on making the operation as easy as possible in order to make the configuration of the measuring devices fast and effective. In addition, the visualization of the data on the PC or other devices should be as interactive as possible.

Computer Aided Quality in Measurement and Testing Software

The RTE Acoustics + Testing Technology GmbH from Pfinztal in Baden offers such a Computer Aided Quality (CAQ) system: The versatile SonicTC software was developed for all measuring and testing tasks in quality assurance, as the following video shows:


With this CAQ system, a large number of individual and quality-related measuring and testing tasks can be implemented in automated production processes with a wide variety of process technologies. All you need is this one standardized and universal one Quality Assurance Software.

RTE Software QSThe software for quality checks is already Done programmed by the developers of the company RTE. As a user, you only need to enter your information about your measurement sequences, which you use to configure the software. The previously time-consuming script programming is therefore no longer required for using the SonicTC CAQ software.

Programmers are no longer required for this, because the graphic configuration in the CAQ system simplifies the signal processing the acquisition of measured values. Above all, the previous manual documentation and change tracking of adjustments in the CAQ software configuration is no longer necessary. SonicTC always does this automatically.

Quality check: measuring & evaluating

The CAQ software SonicTC from RTE takes over all your measuring and testing tasks of the products and processes as part of your quality management. All the Computer Aided Quality System needs for this is a electrical signal. It doesn't matter whether SonicTC is used for inline, end-of-line, or off-line. The corresponding signal can be prepared for testing in the respective application using signal pre-processing such as filtering or cropping.

All necessary tools and features are in here module libraries of the CAQ system and can be easily integrated with a mouse click (drag and drop). The effects of the selected filters and crops are displayed graphically. Measurement data can be evaluated and compared with target values. In addition, the information obtained can even be evaluated in relation to one another. This allows the highest degree of selectivity when assessing the quality and analysis of the measured data.

Several CAQ systems in one

RTE testing software

The CAQ System SonicTC has a modular structure and offers different performance classes in the areas of evaluation and automation for the respective application. If the requirements grow, the CAQ software adapts accordingly and also grows with them. Additions and extensions are of course also possible at a later date.

The centrepiece of the CAQ software are the integrated module libraries. They contain all common interfaces and communication routines as well as a selection of evaluation methods. This makes the integration of all required measurement and testing tasks very flexible.

The CAQ modules of the module libraries contain a comprehensive collection of functions and features for different test scenarios. From this, the user configures the measurement task in SonicTC intuitively and in defined steps.

All settings from signal measurement to data analysis to measurement data evaluation are clearly displayed for the user. Of particular interest are the opportunities offered Correlation of different measurement data. The user receives an even better and more precise evaluation of the quality for the selection of test characteristics.

For all common communication interfaces

A simple integration into automated manufacturing processes and the interaction with the Machinery and equipmentcontrol are now indispensable prerequisites for the universal use of CAQ systems. The prepared and integrated module library for all common interfaces and their Communications protocols can be set up with just a few clicks.

SonicTC paves the way for the smooth integration of measurement and testing technology into the production and automation process. And the CAQ system is also for the OPC UA Client and LIN BUS (NI-Xnet, Babylin) communication prepared.

Connect the quality of physical measurements

RTE QM systemsWith SonicTC you can implement another CAQ function: connect all physical measured variables with the process data and use the results not only for quality assurance and quality monitoring, but also for process control. With the CAQ system you can several stations for measurements and tests in series production.

Network the test benches with each other and compare the measurement data centrally in the production control and even worldwide away. With data transfer and communication to higher-level quality management systems or an ERP system, the CAQ system SonicTC offers another building block for digitization in production. From metrics to customer value, this software turns your effort savings straight into ROI.

General technical knowledge

What is a CAQ system? 

The term CAQ stands for Computer Aided Quality Assurance. CAQ is part of quality management in a company and is implemented with CAQ software or a CAQ system. It accompanies the entire value-added chain from product development through production to additional company processes for quality assurance. A CAQ is divided into various CAQ functions and CAQ modules that support processes, automate workflows and provide analyzes and reports at the push of a button.

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