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BENSELERThe Benseler Sachsen GmbH & Co. KG shows the whole range of their professional surface treatment and informs about the processes electrochemical metal working, thermal deburring and wet painting. The wet paint coating for large-surface plastic attachments such as spoilers in the automotive sector is one of the new surface coating processes. As vehicle components increasingly use lighter components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics, the Saxon surface coater also has the necessary know-how for this.

RollonRollon offers with "Rollon Alloy" another high-quality coating, which ensures the highest corrosion protection for the linear guides. The procedure was thoroughly developed and tested with standardized tests. In order to document the quality of the new process, a salt spray test according to ISO 9227 NSS was carried out.

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With the "Plasma Dust "TechnologyReinhausen Plasma presents an innovative process for direct metallization and coating of plastics. For layer deposition, the dry process uses a cold-active atmospheric-pressure plasma generator as well as application-optimized micro- and nanopowder. This not only saves numerous process steps compared to conventional metallization and coating processes, the coating is also solvent-free, energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

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Modern coating technology is used in the Schaeffler Group used to optimize the functionality of surfaces of highly stressed rolling bearings and precision components. With its own surface engineering center, the development engineers have facilities and capacities at their disposal that open up new opportunities, especially in the combination of different processes and materials. "Corrotect", "Durotect", "Triondur" and "Isotect" are names that have been created here.

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