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heraeus10712cover story

Often it is in the production process of plastics necessary to print these to paint or glue. In order to achieve good wettability and adhesion, the surfaces are frequently treated accordingly. In the past we have treated plastic surfaces predominantly mechanically or chemically. Later won a greener, physical methods such as flame treatment or corona or plasma treatment is important. An interesting alternative is the Surface activation with UV-Licht/Ozon of Heraues Noblelight.

Lasercomponents0612The complex coating of temperature-sensitive optics is promising at process temperatures below 100 ° C and the success. Despite the long coating times that are necessary for these complex Coatings Laser Components has succeeded in using Ion beam sputtering (IBS), these critical optics successfully provided with a broadband anti-reflection coating.

durit0612Durit is one of the few companies in Europe to offer carbide components as well Coatings for wear protection for large volume components. The company Teand M, which belongs to the group, uses three different processes: high-velocity flame spraying (HVOF), atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) and wire flame spraying (EAWS).

groschopp0612Groschopp Due to the wide range of applications for its electric motors, it offers a choice of different surfaces that can be exposed to different influences. Many areas require a surface protection that exceeds that of the standard aluminum housing. However, if stainless steel is not absolutely necessary, it may be useful to dispense with the complex solution because of the special material properties.

vtd0512With the PVD coating systems of the "Dreva" series VTD vacuum technology Dresden Systems and coating technologies that not only meet current industry requirements. With the VTD hard coating systems, the entire layer spectrum of single, multi and gradient layers can be realized, from the traditional TiN to the new DLC layers. The company is now presenting brand new super-hard "Ta-C Diamor" carbon films.

durit0212The new coating "Ultra Impact" from Durit is used in applications with particularly high wear. It combines maximum hardness with good toughness and high adhesion. The combination of these three features is only possible through a special nanostructure. The hardness is 2500 to 3000 HV, the friction coefficient (dry / steel) is 0,5. Layer thicknesses between 2 and 10 μm can be realized.