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lehmann0114Carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastics offer high strength, low weight and good wear properties. Therefore, these compounds are also used in components in which tribological properties are required. If the wear resistance and the coefficient of friction do not meet the requirements, the materials are modified with lubricants. But this reduces their strength. A compromise between tribology and mechanics has Lehmann & Voss found.

ahc01141cover story

As in the industry at the beginning of general practice, aluminum components have been powder coated black. However, after a short time in use for the maintenance of returning parts showed significant signs of wear. They saw no longer new. Inspired by a consultation with a field staff of the AHC, decided to Antonio Tundo for the products of Grip Factory embark on a new path and the aluminum parts of his camera equipment after "Hard-coat "process allow for hard anodizing.

setron1213With its new convenience service presents W + P Products Custom for protection against environmental influences such as moisture, dirt and mechanical stress. This protection are up to IP68 achieved. Using plastic encapsulation of different technologies are connectors and cables individually decorated in every possible formations: from waterproof D-SUB connector up to the dust-and waterproof automotive connectors.

ebbinghaus1113When corrosion protection by surface coating of metals, the hydrogen embrittlement is an omnipresent topic. This concerns above all safety-relevant components, to which particularly high strength requirements are put. Ebbinghaus Verbund sets the Zinc Thermo-Diffusion (ZTD) for the corrosion protection of bulk material parts and thus excludes this problem.

klueber1013Coating coatings combine the benefits of "clean lubrication" with criteria such as wear protection and friction optimization. The limits of conventional bonded coatings lie in their abrasion resistance and load capacity, which can shorten the life of the components. Within a multi-year research project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Klüber, Bosch, Schaeffler, a manufacturer of nanoparticles and two test institutes investigated the extent to which the performance of bonded coatings can be further increased by the addition of functionalized nanoparticles.

ebbinghaus0913The corrosion protection methods known today, such as hot-dip galvanizing, burnishing, phosphating, galvanizing, are used in many areas. However, the requirements on the components increase significantly, as shown for example in salt mist spray tests. The Ebbinghaus composite therefore offers for some time, the Zinc Thermo-Diffusion (ZTD), a high-quality corrosion protection process for bulk material parts.

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