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ebbinghaus0216Visible parts like flange disks made of steel, which are installed in industrial plants should have a high resistance to corrosion and meet certain aesthetic requirements. In a specific case, such components have been provided with a galvanic zinc-iron coating. But again and again the customer complained the optical quality of the coating. He set out to search for an alternative black Oberflächeund was in KTL coating find Ebbinghaus Verbund.
wzr0315With the "sol-gel" coatings his new Product line "Cercoat" WZR Ceramic Solutions can optimize the surface quality of metal, glass and polymeric workpieces and semi-finished products targeted. The range of attainable properties is enormous, as can be available in three groups coatings modify often. Manufacturers, developers and suppliers thus provides a significant surface technical improvement.
dupont10215New to the program of Dupont Industrial Finishes is a water-based, low-VOC and easy to use coating solution onto Teflon PTFE base for fasteners in highly corrosive environments. The easy-to-use 1-layer system is particularly suitable for applications where very high corrosion resistance, dry lubrication and anti-seize properties are required to prevent a cold welding (seizure).

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Reichle provides for the production of surface structures and -narbungen the fledgling technology "laser texturing". This offers significant advantages in terms of quality, process safety, economy and ecology compared to best practices. For the design and the product design arising for surfaces unexpected and as yet not nearly untapped possibilities. This leads, among other things, the luxury car manufacturer to Bissingen. You see there, as of from the expertise of Reichle with a machine GF Machining Solutions incredible things arises.

Heraeus0115Hannover Messe Hall 3, as B08

Paint on car bodies, Alloy wheels, fuel tanks or bumpers, bonnet protection on sills or corrosion on brake pads - in the manufacture of a car, there are countless surfaces painted or coated. Heraeus presents application-optimized catalytic gas and electric Infrared systemsWhich accelerate the powder coating.
holzapfel10414technical articles

With the Anodizing Surface Solutions (A.SS) provides the Holzapfel Group anodized surfaces with an entirely new level of individualization, even when the coating of complete hybrid composites. Anodizing Surface Solutions is a further development of the coating process anodized individual, allow individual metallic coatings not only color but also with respect to the total optical design. Integrated into the anodizing logos, texts, pictures, serial numbers, bar codes are reproduced etc. detail.

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