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creabis0318For those who like to be really colorful, offers Creabis another, completely new refinement process for laser sintered parts. In this case, the surfaces are provided with a very thin coating layer in a special coating process.

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For years have become "Trevista" systems successfully proven by Sirius Advanced Cybernetics in 2,5 D Surface Inspection in a variety of projects. Since then, they have been ensuring objective test quality in many sectors with a minimum of pseudo rejects. The patented shape-from-shading technology is now available as a plug-and-play complete system for use in glass turntable applications.

kalmbach0417Kalmbach shows exemplary customer-specific components from the production program. These include precision castings for the automotive industry, for manufacturers of components for automation and control technology, for the sanitary industry and general mechanical engineering.
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That way Trains can be used to best effect, all moving mechanical parts must meet demanding requirements for performance and maintenance. Robust corrosion-protected components are the alpha and omega for permanently reliable operation of rolling stock. The great Rollon-Produktportfolio With corrosion-resistant linear and telescopic guides and guides made of stainless steel offers appropriate solutions for the entire rail technology.

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Presicion Micro applies to the photochemical etching sector as a trusted provider of accurate and often safety-critical metal parts and components for a variety of high-tech industries, including the automotive industry. The photochemical etching here is emerging as the recognized method. To ensure the quality of the increasing demand, the company has now invested in the future.

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Mitsubishi Electric developed for the needs of the market for surface inspection, especially in the printing industry, the Contact Image Sensor (CIS) "Line Scan Bar" in a high-speed version. The CIS ensures perfect and faultless, right to the edge distortion-free image of the object and scan surfaces at a pace of up to 1000 m / min in a compact, easy to install format.

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