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fkm10719Thanks to the development of a new finishing technology can FKM sintering technology now refine the surfaces of plastic moldings from 3D printing in many ways. The fully automated process is called "FKM smooth" and is primarily aimed at homogeneous smoothing and sealing.

Since it can be controlled very precisely, however, it can also be used for the realization of many other surface qualities. Basically, the process is suitable for all standard laser sintered polymer materials, small and large components as well as exterior and interior surfaces.

The surfaces of the components can be brightly polished, smoothed, leveled, matted, sealed and protected with FKM smooth and optimized with regard to their hygiene-friendliness, their permeability, their food conformity and their mechanical strength. The properties generated by the process capture the surface absolutely evenly and completely. This is true even for all internal structures as well as areas that are never attainable for conventional processing techniques (grinding, trowelling etc.). Therefore, the new process from FKM is also suitable for particularly demanding functional components with very complex and filigree geometries.

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