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viscotec0519Der "Preeflow Eco-PEN300 1K "Dispenser by Viscotec Automated application ensures optimal processes and low material consumption. Applications can be found everywhere: on steering wheels and radiator grille on cars, excavators and tractors, on coffee machines, refrigerators and other household appliances.

Partial coatings, opaque, transparent or colored as well as flat or formed surfaces are complex in the order. The colored lacquers are dosed into the molds made of metal or plastic during emblem production. The challenge is both the exact dosage and the optimum viscosity adjustment of the materials to be dosed. The thickness of the paint application is crucial in order to keep the surplus material low or to prevent reworking. The paint must not be too tough or too liquid, otherwise the paint runs too little or too hard. The time of curing also plays a decisive role, so that the material optimally distributed in the trough.

The automotive industry sets the highest standards in terms of quality and design, especially for the supplier industry. In addition, emblems for the interior are often coated with polyurethane for a more pleasant feel after the painting process. So far, the entire paint process was often done by hand, then the workpieces were polished and increased paint application thereby removed.

The Spanish Preeflow Distributor Dotest has developed an automated system with which the coating of emblems is accomplished perfectly and with consistent process parameters. Two robot systems each with two Eco-PEN300 1K dispensers in combination with the "Eco-Control EC200-K "dosing controls ensure a repeatable material application, for example with a three-color logo for installation in a steering wheel. The components are pre-mixed in cartridges: paint, solvent and hardener. The dispenser takes over the task of precise and repeatable dosage from the cartridges.

In the Dotest application, the precision volume dispenser in the desktop robot dispenses one color at a time in two steps. In a very short time creates a precise application of paint - without paint spatter, overhangs and gradients. The shape of the paint application can be accurately programmed in the robot system, so that even curved shapes and larger surfaces can be handled easily.

The Preeflow Eco-PEN300 1K Dispenser itself is a rotating, pressure-tight positive displacement system. Thanks to the continuous piston principle, aqueous to pasty liquids are conveyed perfectly. The dispenser consists of self-sealing rotor and stator, whereby the controlled rotational movement of the rotor displaces the medium. As a result, the promotion is generated in the stator, which can be done without changing the medium and also backwards. The dosing pump guarantees a clean, controlled material or medium breakage without dripping.

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Latest posts from Viscotec

  • Viscotec carried out customer-specific tests for microdosing in the Preeflow technical center. The fully automatic production of fiber optic cables was checked using a 2K dispenser. The customer requested the repeated application of 5 µl of a two-component material in a volumetric mixing ratio of 8,5: 1. The epoxy adhesive EPO-TEK353ND was used.
  • With the new office in San Diego, Viscotec is now also present in Southern California. The solution provider for sophisticated dosing processes also celebrated its tenth anniversary in the United States at the end of 2019. Viscotec America offers high-precision dosing of 1- or 2-component materials based on the progressing cavity pump technology.
  • Viscotec has further developed its proven stainless steel rotor for the reliable dosing of abrasive fluids such as thermally conductive 1K and 2K gap fillers, 1K thermal pastes or highly filled 2K adhesives. The new version in the form of a ceramic rotor enables significantly longer service lives for this core component of the dosing system.
  • Productronica Hall A4, Booth 405 Viscotec presents optimized dispenser series for even smaller dosing quantities in the 1K and 2K range. The ceramic rotor especially for highly abrasive materials and an optimized version of a mixing block for materials that are difficult to mix will also be on display.
  • On October 01, 2019 Viscotec opened a new branch in Mérignac, Bordeaux. The subsidiary in France is the fifth branch worldwide. It is planned as a sales, service and support organization that will sell and support both Viscotec and Preeflow products.
  • Fachpack Hall 3A, Booth 127 A major challenge in dosing technology is still the gentle dosing of solids-laden liquids without damaging the solids. Viscotec provides pharmaceutical dispensers with a hygienic design to ensure a reliable dosing process.
  • Viscotec now also offers its VHD Hygienic Dispenser with a hard chrome-plated rotor. The combination of optimized material and established technology will open up an even broader spectrum for users in the future. The manufacturer is thus responding to the demands in the cosmetics industry for more flexible and less wear-filling processes.
  • Cover story ready-made sauces are practical. But also a challenge for the bottlers and their machines in food technology. In addition to filling, the mixture of many ingredients also plays a central role in the manufacturing process. The possibilities and variations are almost unlimited. In a Viscotec project, various ingredients with different viscosities or lumpy materials are dosed, mixed and filled.
  • The new 4VPHD6 pharmaceutical dispenser from Viscotec expands the VPHD series in GMP design. Developed for hygiene applications in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology or medical technology, the Hygienic Dispenser series convinces in numerous applications. Because the market has asked for even smaller dosing quantities, the manufacturer has expanded the series with a dispenser for filling small quantities of 0,1 ml or for continuously dosing 0,2 ml / min.
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