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rio0119RIO has the new one Procedure "Betenio"developed for metal pretreatment, which offer significant advantages over the conventional methods of blasting and acid treatment.

The method is based on the principles of phosphating or descaling. It comes with only one bath: degreasing, pickling and phosphating done in one step. The corrosion-prone surface is converted into a protective iron phosphate layer.

This allows the construction of very compact systems. Investments are reduced to 25 to 30% compared to conventional acid plants. In addition, energy and costs for the rinse water treatment can be saved. Compared to blasting, both investment and operating costs are much lower. One reason for this is the low personnel costs and the minimal need for consumables: The bath liquid usually only needs to be changed every twelve months.

Short treatment times from 1 to 60 min are another plus. The next advantage is the environmental compatibility of the specially developed for this process acid. The operator does not have to obtain approval for plant operation and can dispense with extraction because no corrosive vapors are generated. The staff also need no special protective equipment according to BG.

In the salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227, service lives of over 1000 h are achieved without corrosion of the components.

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