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pepperl07195Success Story

For the detection of adhesive spots in the packaging has Pepperl + Fuchs Sensors in the portfolio that reliably ensure a continuous packaging process. The Ultrasonic sensors Monitor stacking height independent of color, shape and surface - and maintenance-free. Learning the sensors is super easy.

Many packaging contains protective or stabilizing plastic parts that conform to the contour of the product. These include trays in candy boxes or presentation holders for cosmetics. These moldings are usually made by deep drawing. The film-like starting material is guided by rollers in the machine. At the end of a used roll, the beginning of the new roll is fixed by means of adhesive tape. This circumvents a complex re-threading. However, the connecting adhesive strip must not get into the thermoforming unit. It is not necessarily suitable as a material for the molding and would hinder the process by unwanted adhesion in the thermoforming.

pepperl07193The connection between the film rolls must be reliably detected. This also applies to splices within a roll, because these can be composed of several lots. These transitions are cut out before deep drawing.

A second task in the packaging process is often to monitor the supply of finished moldings at the feeder for packaging assembly. In both cases it is important to avoid any interruption of the process.

Two tasks - one sensor

Ultrasonic sensors are ideal for both tasks. They recognize the material of the roll goods and the finished molded parts regardless of their optical properties. Even the inevitable electrostatic charge of the plastic films is irrelevant to them.

The ultrasonic splice sensor UGB 18GM50-255 reliably detects the sticky area with a response time of only 600 μs based on its sound damping behavior deviating from the roll material. The stack height of the stock of finished molded parts is, for example, with the ultrasonic sensor UB400-F77-E2-V31 measured with millimeter accuracy. Other designs are also suitable for this application. The user can choose between continuous monitoring and setting a limit that triggers the refill.

Reflecting surfaces - no problem

pepperl07194The foils can be of any color or printed in multiple colors. Often they are transparent or have reflective surfaces. The moldings have irregular contours, often with recesses or steep recesses.

All of these influencing factors are irrelevant for ultrasound devices. The same sensor can be used for a wide range of materials, even with highly diversified shapes. In the case of ultrasound splice detectors, the very short reaction time of 600 μs enables rapid removal of the splice with the least possible material waste. The sensors allow a dynamic teach-in while the machine is running. The teach-in of the sensor can be done directly from the PLC via a digital output.

The splice sensor UGB-18GM50 has an extremely short response delay, is compact and detects objects 20 up to 60 mm distant. The reflection button UB400-F77, on the other hand, captures 25 to 400 mm distant objects and has a teach-in input. Both sensors are very compact.

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Further contributions from Pepperl + Fuchs

  • Logimat Hall 3, Booth B08 With the level sensor concept “Wilsen.sonic.level” from Pepperl + Fuchs, the level of liquids and bulk goods in containers, tanks or silos can be monitored remotely with the help of the Internet. The IoT sensor has an integrated ultrasonic measurement for measuring fill levels, fill and level. These measured values ​​are recorded at regular intervals and sent to the Internet together with the current geoposition. The autonomously working radio sensor is operated by battery and thus enables measurements in mobile containers.
  • User report Pepperl + Fuchs has developed a customer-specific 2D lidar sensor for a more flexible transport shuttle based on the specially developed Pulse Range Technology in close partnership with Montratec. This allows a distinction to be made between permanently installed track sections such as tunnels or curves. This was not possible before and not easy either, as this user report shows:
  • SPS Hall 7A, Stand 330 Pepperl + Fuchs is the first company to offer IO-Link Masters with an OPC UA interface, thus enabling the path to seamless, transparent and seamless communication from the lowest field level to the cloud.
  • SPS Hall 7A, Booth 330 The Pepperl + Fuchs brand Ecom presents the new generation of its intrinsically safe 4G / LTE Android smartphone series Smart-Ex. With a large 12,7 cm (5 ") display and powerful features, good ergonomics and an optimized accessory concept, the completely newly developed Smart-Ex 02 is the most advanced explosion-proof smartphone for Zone 1/21 and Div. 1.
  • FMB Hall 20, Stand B22 Pepperl + Fuchs is focusing on the expansion of the IO-Link portfolio: For applications with restricted installation conditions, the IO-Link Master of the ICE1 series will also be available in a housing that is only 30 mm narrow. Advantages such as multi-protocol, M12 power connector and web server functionality are still available to the user.
  • The new Digital Products and Services product line expands the portfolio and complements the mobile worker concept at the Pepperl + Fuchs brand Ecom. The digital products and services combine staging, mobile device management and device analytics.
  • Specialist articles There are different laws in the freezer zones than in environments under normal temperatures. The VB14N-T barcode scanner from Pepperl + Fuchs ensures optical identification at temperatures down to -35 ° C. It offers very good reading performance even with a low contrast of the bar code, can be put into operation quickly thanks to a quick warm-up phase and is energy-efficient and compact.
  • User report Pepperl + Fuchs has sensors in its portfolio for the detection of glue points in the packaging, with which a continuous packaging process can be reliably ensured. The ultrasonic sensors monitor the stack height regardless of color, shape and surface - and that maintenance-free. Teaching in the sensors is super easy.
  • Safe and fast communication via voice control and wrist: With the new Smart-Ex Watch 01, the Pepperl + Fuchs brand Ecom is adding a real hands-free application to its portfolio of communication solutions for mobile operators. The Smart-Ex Watch 01 is the first smartwatch for Ex areas in Zone 2/22 and Div. Second
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