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Thermographyinfratec presents the Thermal imager "Image IR 9400" for measuring and checking a wide variety of tasks. The high-end infrared Thermography System is precisely tailored to the specific application. With the Infrared camera very different tasks can be solved at the highest level. The flexibility combines functions that would otherwise only be found in several different types of high-end thermography systems. The camera thus offers a unique combination of outstanding geometric, thermal and temporal resolution.

color pyrometerOptris has a color pyrometer for applications in the metallurgy developed. A high level of vapors, dust and similar disruptive factors are the order of the day here. They all affect that non-contact temperature measurement negative. The new Pyrometer defies all these adverse conditions and ensures a reliable measurement of temperatures in applications such as melting or on metallic surfaces.

optris1219The infrared cameras and pyrometers from Optris can now be easily done with one Smartphone or tablet serve. For this purpose, the specialist for infrared measurement technology provides the new IR mobile app for Android in Google Play Store to disposal. The cumbersome fiddling with a laptop during setup, for example, can be omitted in many applications.

ephymess1219For remote monitoring / diagnosis has Ephy measurement developed a temperature sensor that ensures, for example, in mining equipment, engines for excavators, vans and lifts or even offshore wind turbines to cableways for surveillance security. Wherever temperature can be reliably measured at exposed points, this sensor contributes to measuring reliability.

Peltier controllerWhen switch cabinets are installed in an environment with changing climatic conditions, hotspots or unpleasant moisture can quickly form there. Elmeko has for that now the Peltier Controller TPC 300 Cold and dehumidifiers with which the critical parameters can be monitored and air conditioning units can be optimally controlled.

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Hall Based on a model in which a glass sheet on a conveyor belt is transported from a heating zone to a cooling zone, a self-triggered linescan is used. Between the two zones is a very narrow slit, where a Thermal imager from Optris can measure the object. The video shows how the Linescanning feature in the "PIX Connect software is set up.