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thickness GaugeThe distance and thickness Gauge "Confocal DT IFS2407-3 "of Micro-Epsilon when measuring Surfaces, This confocal sensor for displacement and thickness measurements works at a maximum tilt angle of ± 30 degrees. Therefore, stable measurement signals are achieved even on curved surfaces and high-precision results are output. The confocal-chromatic sensors are among the most demanding measuring systems in optical measurement technology.

Baumer0719The O200 reflection light scanner with background suppression of Baumer are particularly reliable and fast in cramped engine rooms. Thanks to their increased functional reserves, they are, according to the manufacturer, currently the best in their class with a unique range of 120 mm.

accretech0419Control Hall 7, 7102 Stand

Production or workshop managers know the dilemma: The surface parameters of a workpiece must be measured quickly and quickly, and the measuring space is too far away and / or occupied. For this purpose has Accretech developed its portable surface measuring devices of the product line "Handysurf".

3plusplus0419Control Hall 4, 4514 Stand

3plusplus has developed a software for non-contact testing of undercuts. In line with customer requirements, an optical profile sensor is integrated directly into the production line or into an out-of-line device. Even existing systems can be retrofitted.

FRT0419Control Hall 7, 7409 Stand

FRT presents the third generation of the stand-alone Metrology Unit "Microprof 200" as an ultra-stable platform: The completely in-house control and analysis software and more than 20 years of expertise in surface metrology form the basis for this. The multi-sensor concept, combined with the hybrid measurement technology, supports production lines all over the world.

aerotech0119Aerotech presents with the "AGV-SPO" a new Galvo high performance scanner. It offers a wider field of view than traditional 2D scanners, reduces laser spot distortion, and is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of mirror surfaces for a variety of laser wavelengths. As a result, the laser scanner offers an extremely wide range of applications, from additive manufacturing to medical technology.