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amsys1018Electronica Hall B3, Booth 317

Presented with the flexible Soic sensors AMSYS a new category of automated populated pressure sensors. Out-of-the-box thanks to factory calibration, they offer impressive performance for all types of print (differential, relative and absolute).

The compact sensors are available in the pressure range from ± 1,25 mbar to ± 2 bar and can be partially adapted to individual applications.

The output signals available are either a digital pressure signal in I²C or SPI format or alternatively an analogue voltage proportional to the pressure. In addition, in some cases, the bridge signal can be tapped as an analog direct signal. Reliable measured values ​​are taken for granted in the digital sensors by checksums and diagnostic bits.

With an ADC resolution from 14 to 24 bit and an accuracy of typically ± 0,5% FS over the entire calibration temperature range, the sensors are particularly suitable for industrial applications.

With a long-term drift of only ± 1% in 10 years, the sensors offer high accuracy and stability as well as long-term reliability. The low-pressure 10,2 x 7,5 mm enclosure is based on the standard Soic16 (w) package (300 mil) as known from integrated circuits.

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