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Laservibrometer Laservibrometer "Vibrogo" from Polytec was considered Laser Doppler vibrometer für die vibration measurement developed on the go. It is suitable for vibration measurement in the field study up to condition monitoring of machines and systems. The vibrations are measured without contact. The vibrometer is very flexible with a large frequency range from DC to 100 kHz. The high degree of linearity over the entire measuring range and the very good resolution of the oscillation speed make the precision measuring device.

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To measure the speed of its "Vpuremix" magnetic agitators, Armaturwerk Hötensleben GmbH for a compact solution for all sizes of the device series. Specially developed for this task Turck a magnetic field sensorwhich detects the exact speed of the mixing head in the container through the stainless steel wall. Thanks to a double execution Hall probe the sensor also detects the direction in which the mixing heads are moving. With just one sensor type, AWH increases the safety of the processes of all Vpuremix agitators.

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Minebea Intec presents the established Load cell "Inteco"With a digital upgrade, the weighing module" Novego "with highest measuring accuracy and a cooperation success from the service area with the new LC load cells and CSD weighing electronics.

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The Accelerometers from Micro-Epsilon were developed for industrial requirements. The "inertial sensor" of the ACC series measures even low accelerations accurately and reliably. From the acceleration measurement in mobile machines to the ground vibration of measuring and calibration systems, values ​​are recorded precisely.

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Analog and digital Load cells They represent the technical basis for exact processes in the weighing and dosing of goods as well as for their billing in various industries. Digital systems have many advantages for the user. Minebea Intec is a specialist here, offers digital and analog load cells and knows when which should be used.

minebea0519Extended with two product series Minebea Intec his range of components for reliable industrial weighing. The Load cell series LC offers reliable weighing solutions for the construction of bench scales, counting scales or weighing systems. The CSD series weighing electronics ensure reliable further processing of measuring signals and master even simple to demanding dosing tasks.