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In any additive manufacturing process that requires large quantities of powder, the oxygen content of the process air should be continually monitored to avoid dust explosions. Ntron (Michell Instruments) has developed the SIL-O2, an analyzer specifically designed to meet these requirements.

The SIL-O2 oxygen analyzer uses two continuous, self-monitoring micro-processors. The entire system (analyzer and sensor) meets the requirements of IEC 61508 SIL 2. The analyzer has a galvanic isolation barrier integrated in the housing and is equipped with an intrinsically safe connection for various Atex certified Ntron oxygen sensors for installation in the safe area.

The oxygen concentrations can be read well on an LCD display. The calibration of the analyzer / sensor combination can be carried out quickly by the user thanks to the front-side pushbuttons. The analyzer has an analog output 4 to 20 mA, a digital RS232 / RS485 interface and 3 configurable alarm relays.

Ntron uses zirconium oxide technology, which has been specially developed for harsh process applications. It is therefore suitable for the conditions in additive manufacturing and enables measurements from 1 ppm up to 25% oxygen.

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