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unitronic0619Sensor + Test hall 1, 559 Stand

Unitronic introduces the ultrasonic flow sensor modules from Audiowell Electronics for the first time. The FS000X series uses ultrasonic sensors to perform flow measurements in real time. They are used, for example, to detect leaks or to control water consumption.

The ultrasonic flowmeter uses ultrasonic waves to measure fluid flow and outputs the flow rate digitally in real time. It consists of a lead-free measuring tube and a pair of connected ultrasonic sensors working in master-slave mode. The integrated circuit in the sensor can calculate instantaneous flow and accumulated time-of-flight water consumption to monitor the condition of the fluid and piping. It does not contain a moving part in the pipe section and thus causes only a lower pressure drop and provides a higher accuracy than conventional flow meters. The flow data is available via a serial communication interface for further processing.

Due to the large dynamic range, any drop can be detected in quantities from 1 up to 6 liters per hour, no matter where the leak occurs. The flow rates are calculated by the integrated OT circuit, which provides the data in a digital format. These flow data are used, among other things, in smart home systems, where the resident can be sent leak warnings via the mobile app when absent. In the presence of an optional electronic valve, it is even possible to shut off the water supply as a precautionary measure.

The irrigation of the lawn can be automated today with the help of digitization. Most current systems use a timer to control the sprinkler system. The actual water consumption in horticulture, however, may differ greatly from what the user expects, especially when pipes are blocked or leaking. The Audiowell ultrasonic flow sensors are predestined for monitoring and detecting flow rates in such cases. Since no moving parts are used in these modules, they still provide their performance even after prolonged use, because even the particles in the water can not damage the sensors.

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