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safety shock absorbersSuccess Story

safety shock absorbers from ACE Shock helped that Wieland-Werke in optimizing their scabies sorting, If metal falls on steel, even massive discharge funnels can be destroyed. Since the effects on the overall design of the sorting system were stronger than previously assumed, the leading specialist in the copper processing ACE shock absorbers brought into the boat. With the installation of the Tube Safety damper the problem was quickly resolved. As a result, people are happy about much longer maintenance intervals today.

ace11019FMB Hall 20, booth C34

cover story

The number of online shops and thus the volume of parcels and parcels is increasing. 2018 were in Germany for 330 million Christmas deliveries, according to the Federal Association of parcel and express logistics. Sorting plants must cope with such quantities and above all with peak times. The sorters drive at high speeds and must not lose any parcels. The innovative high-end system from Equinox manages that Small shock absorbers from ACE Shock.

getzner0919With "Isotope DMSN"Getzner launches a new vibration protection system with a very low overall height: a steel spring with only 57 mm high and an integrated high-performance damper. Thanks to the integrated "Sylodamp" core, a high-damping polyurethane, the steel spring is suitable for machines with many start-up and shut-down cycles.

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Success Story

Where fast driving, good braking is necessary. Nowadays, users of linear drives can look forward to a wide range of components and system solutions: Hydraulic damping elements such as Miniature Shock Absorbers are suitable for more sophisticated solutions, while cheaper products such as damper fulfill simpler tasks. There are solutions for practically all applications and every budget that allow even the fastest processes to run smoothly. Two practical examples of the ACE Shock GmbH clarify this.

ace0619ACE Shock introduces viscoelastic shock absorbers into the portfolio for the first time and expands the field of security products, These offer long-lasting solutions for a wide variety of emergency stop applications in heavy industry, for example in crane construction and steelworks, in rail transport, at locks or wind turbines.

unitronic0619Sensor + Test hall 1, 559 Stand

Unitronic introduces the ultrasonic flow sensor modules from Audiowell Electronics for the first time. The FS000X series uses ultrasonic sensors to perform flow measurements in real time. They are used, for example, to detect leaks or to control water consumption.