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palletizerLogimat Hall 1, Stand D61

The palletizer "Dual Fast Pick Station" the Angle GmbH stands as world first at the center of the measurement appearance for Logimat 2020, The palletizing systems enable the handling of pallets and trolleys on only one system with high flexibility. Because they do not have to be converted for palletizing. This enables users to palletize deliveries even faster and more efficiently. Storage and retrieval machines and solutions for logistics applications will also be seen.

The engineers have optimized their tried-and-tested Fast Pick order picking solution for the palletizer, which has been registered for a patent. The picking table is located on the platform on the upper floor. A robot receives various packages, parcels and trays with mixed goods on a conveyor line. He puts these together on order-ready pallets or trolleys. A pallet storage and a clipboard for palletizing ensure that the robot can work continuously. This means that 20 to 25 load carriers per hour can be handled with great flexibility for palletizing.

Palletizer wraps the load with foil

palletizerThere is a shaft below the platform, into which the load carriers can be gradually lowered. Through it you get directly to a conveyor system. An automatic film stretcher was integrated underneath the shaft, which wraps the load with a resistant film. This protects them after palletizing for further transport.

In addition to the palletizer, Winkel presents a depalletizer for unloading incoming goods. They consist of a lifting system with a particularly ergonomic workplace. The W-DP1-1500 series enables e.g. B. free access from all sides. The employee can thus conveniently access the parcels, packages and trays. Modular chain and belt lifters move palletized goods particularly gently and efficiently. With a lifting capacity of 0,5 to 6 t, they can reach a lifting height of up to 40 m. The lifting speed is a maximum of 4 m / s.

The Winkel portfolio also includes lifting and moving units that also move goods horizontally. They are suitable for multi-shift operation and can be integrated into existing conveyor technology.

For the pallet handling, the wide range of pallet storage and loading stations, moving solutions and pallet doublers for all standard formats is presented worldwide. With them, individual load carriers can be stacked on top of each other with ease. The systems are equipped with rollers and have a modular structure. The load capacity of the machine is 0,5 to 3 t. The load is picked up using fork tines, telescopic forks or side pallet grippers.

Storage and retrieval machines for boxes and lattice boxes

palletizerWith the “Colibri” storage and retrieval machines for boxes and containers and “Puma” for pallets and wire mesh boxes, Winkel has two innovative and proven standard solutions for high-bay warehouses in its portfolio. They are very slim, vibration-free and can be accelerated at high speeds. Thanks to their compact design, they have more storage space with high dynamics.

The Winkel trade fair package is rounded off by ergonomic telescopic tables and forks in various designs. Tables with reinforced telescopic forks are used, for example, when large strokes or low deflection in machines are required. Winkel offers a version with single or double drive for double-deep applications.

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More news about machine elements

  • Logimat Hall 1, Booth D61 As a world first, the "Dual Fast Pick Station" palletizer from Winkel GmbH is the focus of the trade fair appearance at Logimat 2020. The palletizing systems enable the handling of pallets and trolleys on just one system with great flexibility. Because they do not have to be converted for palletizing. This enables users to palletize deliveries even faster and more efficiently. Storage and retrieval machines and solutions for logistics applications will also be on display.
  • With the new "Taktocube", FMB-Süd booth B23 Taktomat presents a modular machine cell for fast-cycle assembly systems. Users receive a complete solution from a single source and can also benefit from short delivery times.
  • FMB Hall 21, Stand B12 Afag has developed with the new "LTM-Horizontal" transport module an assembly platform that is suitable for compact systems with high cycle rates. The LTM-H is a space-saving alternative to the classic rotary table and offers the user good accessibility. It consists of standard components.
  • The round tables of the “RT Compact” series from Sauter Feinmechanik can be individually configured. Housings and table tops in many variants are combined with the standardized assemblies bearing, drive, measuring system and clamping. Adaptation to country-specific requirements is also possible.
  • Motek Hall 3, Stand 3327 The Heinrich Kipp plant presents the new "Bighand" tubular handle and smart products from the "Feature grip" product line (picture). The trade fair visitors can also be won over by the automation cell for clamping technology or immerse themselves in the hundred-year history of the company on the basis of historical exhibits.
  • Stama at EMO Hall 12, Stand C06 There are components across industries that, from various points of view, are better not manufactured in a separate process on several specialized machines. Machine frames made of "Epument" mineral casting provide the necessary stability in the MT 733 machining center from Stama. These are manufactured by Rampf Machine Systems with maximum precision and without machining.
  • Motek Hall 4, Stand 220 Stein Automation presents special electrical stoppers that help to further reduce the proportion of expensive pneumatic components. Visitors can also experience the workpiece pallet transport system 300 as a standard version live and find out about short cycle times and fast material transport.
  • With a series of "one-touch" inspection doors and hatch covers for conveyor systems, Tsubaki is presenting a rather unusual new product for the company. These are particularly suitable for the transport of bulk goods such as flour, grain or many other bulk goods.
  • Spanflug Technologies, a startup of the Technical University of Munich (TUM), is the first contract manufacturer to offer a fully automated ordering process for the manufacture of CNC turned and milled parts. In the online shop, users can immediately calculate prices for individually manufactured components using turning and milling and order them directly.