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SchaefflerWith a series of components for the "Shinkansen E5" brake system, the Schaeffler Group Industrial succeeded in being represented in the Japanese high-speed train for the first time. The series of Shinkansen will run from December 2010 on the route between Tokyo and Shin Aomori. Increasing the cruising speed of this route from 275 to 320 km / h required a new high-performance braking system developed by Knorr-Bremse.


Brought fifteen years ago Igus the all-round polymer plain bearing "Iglidur J" on the market. The lubrication-free bearing (continuous use temperature 90 ° C) combines extremely low coefficients of friction with a very long service life. Recently, there is also the material "Iglidur J260 ", With similarly good wear characteristics, plain bearings made of this material can be used up to an upper long-term application temperature of 120 ° C. Now the polymer researcher has the tribo-optimized material "Iglidur J350"Developed for even higher temperatures.

Foundling has that Housing stock Offer extended by the Air Handling range. In addition to a standard version, the products are also available in a version with non-contact seal for low friction torque. These bearings therefore meet two important customer requirements: higher speed limits and less heat generation.

IgusTo protect consumers, food must be free from contamination of any kind. In order to prevent goods from being delivered with foreign particles, metal detectors are installed in the plants during food preparation and transport. These identify any conductive metallic particles that originate from the production environment or from the transport system. Subsequently, the affected product is sorted out. Igus has further developed its range of materials.

Misumitechnical articles

In custom machine construction, the components are required in application-specific design, the smallest batch sizes and on economic terms. Meets this need Misumi with a portfolio of mechanical machine elements from over 40 product groups, which is unparalleled. The article describes in particular the Ball Bushings program with its innovative lubrication technology as well as the Bearings offer which is suitable for a wide variety of applications.

SchaefflerWith a specially designed for the storage of refrigeration compressors rolling bearings makes the Schaeffler Group Industrial an important contribution to greater energy efficiency in household appliances. The FAG axial ball bearing is specially adapted to the bearing of the eccentric shaft in cooling compressors. At this point of installation, it replaces the usual plain bearings and reduces the energy consumption of the entire compressor by up to 5%. The compressor can be better rated with an energy efficiency rating using this energy efficient rolling bearing.