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Is it about wear resistant Tribo polymers have users at Igus the agony of choice. For small series or series production in Injection, a prototype from the 3D printer or Semis the plastic specialist now has one Offline configurator for his 39 iglidur Standard materials developed: With templates, the user can determine the suitable material. An Iglidur expert system is also available for the selection and calculation of the service life.

"With the help of the sample box, users can quickly and easily find the right Iglidur plain bearing material for their individual application," explains Stefan Loockmann-Rittich, head of the Iglidur plain bearing division at Igus GmbH. But how does an offline configurator work?

The user places different templates over the multitude of materials. For example, if he is looking for a plain bearing with high temperature resistance, he places the corresponding template over the bushings and filters the materials. Other properties such as high loads, dirty environments or chemical resistance can also be placed over the plain bearings using templates. Finally, there is an appropriate selection that at best fits the desired applications.

Iglidur from the sample box

The Motion Plastics specialist has been presenting the offline concept as a dry-tech sample box since 2013. In the compact new variant, users can now see directly which materials are available for free design as semi-finished products.

The 3D printing service and the 3D printing material from Igus for the production of prototypes and small series are also included in the sample box. "We have limited the Iglidur materials in the new configurator to 39 of the 57 materials available. The box thus contains the materials that are used in most plain bearing applications, ”says Mr. Loockmann-Rittich.

"In discussions with users and interested parties, we have only received positive feedback on the handy box so far. The configurator can be consulted at any time.

Request a free sample box now! This e-mail address is being protected from spambots To display JavaScript must be turned on!

More news from Igus

  • Hannover Messe Energy, leading safely and inexpensively on long paths was the goal when developing the Autoglide 5 energy chain from Igus. The new energy chain was specially designed for horizontal applications in intralogistics and on crane systems. The energy supply lies on a tensioned rope with the help of a special underside construction. Compared to energy supply chains in a channel system, the Autoglide 5 from Igus can save 88% in assembly time.
  • The goal of predictive maintenance is not only pursued by Igus with its intelligent smart plastics products for monitoring plain bearings, cables and energy chains. Manufacturers of machines and systems are also increasingly offering solutions with their own condition monitoring tools. Automation specialist Güdel also uses Ig.EC and EC.W sensors for its linear robots when it comes to predictive maintenance.
  • 'Personal care even when we can't be on site' is Igus' motto in the era of the corona virus. With its platform for digital advice, the Motion Plastics specialist makes virtual visits possible as an option. The reason: In the current situation, many companies restrict the visit of external companies. Affected users of the Igus products should still be able to clarify their questions personally.
  • FMB-Süd Stand E16 When it comes to wear-resistant tribo polymers, Igus users are spoiled for choice. The plastic specialist has now developed an offline configurator for its 3 Iglidur standard materials for small series or series production in injection molding, a prototype from a 39D printer or semi-finished products: The user can determine the right material with templates. An Iglidur expert system is also available for the selection and calculation of the service life.
  • Logimat Hall 3, Stand D21 When the technical sales consultants from Igus go to customers or trade fairs, they now have more than just product samples in their luggage. VR glasses show the virtual factory in Cologne. With the new app "Igus VR Engineer's Wonderland" you can guide customers all over the world through the Cologne 4.0 production. This way, the production and the in-house 3800 m² test laboratory can be experienced up close for those interested. The beta version of the app has already been successful in operation, the full version is now available in the Oculus Go Store.
  • FMB-Süd Stand E16 The Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) technology offers completely new opportunities to transfer the immense data streams reliably and quickly even in the smallest area of ​​the machine. Igus introduces the first SPE “Chainflex” cable for movement in the energy chain. The use of only one pair of wires reduces the outside diameter by 25%.
  • What happens when the maximum service life of a plastic energy or drag chain is reached? Mostly it is simply disposed of and incinerated with other plastic waste. With the "Igus green chainge recycling program", the Motion Plastics specialist is now going a completely new way: Users can send their plastic chains to Cologne for recycling - completely independently of the manufacturer.
  • SPS Hall 4, Stand 310; FMB-Süd Stand E16 Interview with Rainer Rössel Head of GB Chainflex Lines, Igus GmbH, Cologne
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  • FMB Hall 20, Stand D2.2 User Report 3022 km across the Australian desert and only with the power of the sun, that is the challenge of the World Solar Challenge. One of their participants is the team Sonnenwagen from Aachen. When developing their solar car, the students relied on the light, wear-resistant and lubricant-free “Iglidur” plain bearing technology made from durable tribo-polymers from Igus and successfully crossed the finish line in sixth place.
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