Igus0419Reason to celebrate at the Scottish machine tool builder Tooltec: Its offshore inspection device is the winner of the Manus Award 2019, Already for the ninth time Igus awarded this prize for the creative use of high-performance plastics in warehousing technology. Second place went to a floating catamaran, third place to an assistance system, with which also people with physical mobility restrictions can drive a car.

Igus10419Winner of the 5000 Euro endowed prize is Tooltec, The Scottish engineering company has developed a device that allows operators of underwater oil and gas platforms to clean and inspect pipes, such as pipelines (right picture). So far divers had to take over this job. The offshore inspection device will wrap around the pipe like a cuff and move forward on rollers. While driving, the machine cleans the pipeline and inspects for weak spots. In the design only polymer bearings for the engineers came into question. U. a. "Iglidur" plain bearings, "Drylin" linear guides and an E-chain for safe cable routing, which executes a rotational movement of 360 degrees were used. The components enable a lubricant-free and thus maintenance-free dry run and are resistant to salty seawater.

In second place is "Ifly 15" landed. Although the effect of sport catamaran of the Munich manufacturer CEC Catamarans GmbH at first glance like an ordinary catamaran. But that changes when the boat picks up speed. Then, thanks to a mechanical flight control system, it rises about half a meter out of the water and travels up to 30 nodes (55 km / h) on four small fold-out wings. But before the catamaran learned to fly, the engineers had to master the challenges of the control system, such as reducing weight. The developers are therefore relying on lightweight plain bearings made of high-performance plastics in the wings. The plastic bearings also score in this environment by their lubricant-free dry running and their resistance to salt water.

The bronze medal has won the French company Kempf, which allows people with disabilities and wheelchair users to drive. Here comes "Darios"In the game - a gas ring, which is mounted on the steering wheel. If the driver presses the ring, he can accelerate the vehicle finely dosed. It can brake over a manual service brake beside the control. He is no longer dependent on the classic pedals. In the latest version, the gas ring is no longer simply round, but like many modern steering wheels flattened. The engineers shared the constructive challenge with the 3D printing service from igus.

445 Tinkerers from 32 countries have applied for the Manus Award 2019.

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